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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think I lost so much weight because EVERYTHING came out in that time period, even water. It was horrible. I pretty much set up camp in the bathroom. I've been glutened twice since writing that post (within 36 hours of each other) and this hasn't been nearly as bad, though I went down another 5 lbs last check. At least I can keep down liquids, but my gosh does my stomach hurt. I never want to see my ribs sticking out like that again either... My bf could wrap his hands around my waist and his fingers touched. O.o You know it's funny...people always used to comment on how they wished they could eat whatever and as much as I could without gaining weight. Once they found out it was from malnutrition from celiacs they weren't so eager to be like me lol.
  2. The last time I accidentally ingested gluten, I had accidentally licked my finger after touching a twizzler (realized almost too late it had gluten in it). Within 20 minutes I was showing typical "glutened" symptoms for me - comparable to food poisoning. About 24 hours later I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror as I was getting ready to bathe. I was shocked to say the least. You could see all my ribs, my hip bones were clearly visible. I looked like I was anorexic. Stepped on the scale and yup - I was down 10lbs (125 to 115) overnight. I went down another 5lbs before recovering from my symptoms, but the weight hasn't quite returned yet (sticking around 120 when normal is between 125 and 130 - but it's only been about 3 weeks). Has anyone else experienced this when being glutened? It's terrifying, to say the least. I just want to know I'm not alone...
  3. Advil?

    Kirkland brand (found in Costco) ibuprofen is labeled as gluten-free, in case anyone was wondering. I checked today out of curiosity. I've never reacted to it, and I'm extremely sensitive to gluten.
  4. There are campus apartments, which are cheaper, as well as an on-site dining room that caters to vegans, gluten-free, and a whole variety of allergies. It says I need to be an incoming freshman to be able to get into a dorm room, which I won't be. I had no idea, I thought that's how you were supposed to do it :/ I wanted warm chicken in my salad! lol
  5. Thank you for the baking soda tip! I've never heard of that before! The only thing I was told was to put a lid over the flames and for some things (like when the fish caught fire in the oven) that's really hard to manage. What's nice is that just recently we upgraded to a stove with a ceramic top instead of one of the one with the ugly metal burners and grease traps, so setting fire that way has kinda gone bye-bye. Btw, don't pour hot chicken pieces straight onto a salad with a vinegarette dressing on it. That's how I caught it on fire. Somehow. I have one more year of community college then two years of state college to finish my major. Last night I was pondering the idea of going away for college instead of just going to the one down the street (it doesn't have dorms). I'm going to talk to a financial aid adviser tomorrow to see what my options are for my loan. I'd have to get my parents to drop me as a dependent though, otherwise I won't qualify for much more than I'm getting now, and what I'm getting now only covers tuition and the majority of my textbooks. But I definitely wouldn't have thought of using student loans to live in a dorm or pay for my food if I hadn't come to this board, so for that I thank you guys. I'll let you know what the financial aid adviser says tomorrow, if I can get in.
  6. There are 168 hours in a week. 20 are spent in class, 40-60 are spent on homework, 40 are spent on directed practice, about 5 are spent on travel time between school, directed practice, and home. If I'm getting 6 hours of sleep a night (about usual for me) then that's an additional 42 hours a week gone. That leaves NO time for a job per week (maybe 1 hour). But you'll notice I didn't count time it takes to wake up, shower, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, make dinner, eat dinner, and take care of my ferret. I mean it when I say I have NO time for a job until I'm done with school. My other option is to continue to rack up 20k in loans at 6.9% annually for an additional 4 years (8 years of school instead of my 4) and be in super-mega debt when I'm out of school, instead of only in a little debt, but my schedule's already been locked for fall semester and they'll charge me a fee to change it. Trust me. If I could get a job, I would. If I had time for a job, I would. I want to, I dislike not having any money right now. But this is my cheapest option to get through college as fast as possible.
  7. Mom refuses to believe there's even a chance of her having celiac disease. She's told me before she thinks I'm a hypochondriac because first it was depression, then GI upsets, then fibro, now this. Like I said, she was really supportive at first, but then it just got "too hard" to find the ingredients I wanted for the few things I can cook.... About learning to cook. I want to, I really do, I just need to be supervised in the kitchen & the only one willing to do that is my boyfriend, and he takes over about 1/4 of the way through cooking because I'm "not doing it right" I have to "do it like this" and "nevermind, I'll just cook it myself, you're liable to burn the house down". Yeah, they all hold it over me that I have this horrible luck of setting things on fire in the kitchen. Last week I tried to make myself a hamburger and the grease splattered onto the stove and everything just... went up in smoke. I'm terrified of being in the kitchen without supervision because I panic over fire. One of my stupid fears. I mentioned that my parents didn't want to pick up ingredients that were gluten-free because they were "too hard to find". This was easily solved when I could go grocery shopping with them, but my classes changed and now they go without me. I can't buy my own food because I don't have any money for it. & frankly it would be pretty easy if they bought raw ingredients I could work with, but they don't. They live very heavily off boxed foods like kraft mac'n'cheese, campbell's soups.... I didn't have homemade food until I met my boyfriend a year ago. Everything my parents eat is from a box or a can, and everything else is "too expensive" or "too hard to find". Sorry if this seems rude, I'm just so frustrated. I feel like I'm running out of choices, and will have to resort to eating gluten while I'm living here. Last weekend I was going to make them homemade shredded chicken tacos with my boyfriend (who promised he wouldn't step in this time... yeah right), and they said they would buy all the ingredients and everything, but after they came home from shopping the day I gave them the list I got the usual excuses.... "Too hard to find" and "too expensive". The only thing they got was the rice and tomato paste. I needed corn tortillas, a whole chicken, and cheese as well, at the very bare minimum.
  8. Hey all... So I'm recently self-diagnosed as of the last week of January of this year with the help of a blood-cousin who posted something about being glutened. I followed up on it and turns out I had the same general symptoms as one with Celiac or gluten intolerance. So I cut gluten out of my diet and within 3 weeks I was amazed. I could stay awake all day without taking a nap, I didn't need to worry about where the nearest bathroom was, I could sleep through the night without worrying about having to use the bathroom, the extreme gas and gas cramps I got disappeared. I was happy, no longer depressed or irritated or anxious, and I was healthy. For those first 3 weeks my mom was excited that I was finally feeling better, and we had gluten free dinners all the time (I'm a full-time student at college so I was on my own for lunch and breakfasts). Well, now it's March and my mom has lost her enthusiasm about me feeling better. It's turned into an all-out war whenever we need to go grocery shopping or cook meals. For the past couple of weeks it's been, "Why should I have to cook for you? You're an adult, cook it yourself." Yeah, I get the reasoning behind that, except she's still cooking dinner for the REST of the family. Is it really that hard to use normal salt and pepper and garlic seasonings instead of the store-bought mix (that has wheat in it)? I don't know. I feel like all of a sudden cooking gluten free has become too difficult for her to do... but I also feel it's unfair because she went through a brief stage when she thought she was allergic to peanuts and threw out everything containing peanuts in the house, including my gluten-free peanut butter cookies I had made for myself, and made everybody eat peanut-free for 2 weeks. It's just really tough to be told that even though you're living with your parents because they didn't want you to have to support yourself while going to school, that they don't care enough to include you in the one meal the family eats together a day. I feel completely separated from my family now. I can't eat dinner with them because "it's too hard" too cook gluten-free, they're telling me to cook for myself (they made it very clear they weren't going to help cook at all), when every time I cook something more complicated than boiling water I set it on fire! (Salad, ramen, toast, hashbrowns, fish, hamburger, stir fry... there's more but those were the most traumatic >.<) So... Idk. It doesn't help that I got glutened yesterday and am all sorts of irritated and depressed today, but it makes me just want to move out for the last 3 years of college, since it's even a fight just to get gluten-free ingredients to cook my own food. Although, I don't know how I'd move out since I haven't been able to get a job up here (not many people want to hire a full-time student that's also doing directed practice for 40 hours a week). Anyone have any advice on how to at least convince my parents to get some gluten-free ingredients while they're out shopping? I usually try to go with when they go, but since my mom got a new car she's been going while I'm in my morning classes. Their biggest argument is that it's too expensive, or too hard to find the ingredients, so I end up with Thai Kitchen instant noodles, a package of white rice, a bag of Cuties oranges, 5 cans of Progresso gluten-free Clam Chowder, and pre-formed processed hamburger patties (which I can't eat because they're processed in a facility that also processes wheat products). Sorry this is so long, I just needed to vent and ask for some advice.