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  1. Thanks! I had asked my doctor it there were any testing for this problem and she said that elimination is the way to go. I have felt better being away from gluten. I would like to have the biopsy done to see for sure if it is celiac. Is there a difference between celiac and just a wheat intolerance? I have also read that the blood test could give you a false negative anyways, is that true? I also find that when I lay on my stomach or bend over I get a pain in my abdomin, is this characteristic of Celiac? Thanks for the info!
  2. HI ALL!! I need a little help....I have had upper left abdominal pain for 2 months now...I also have left flank pain. I have loose stool often in the morning...but not diharrea. other then that I am not extreamly tired considering I have 2 kids 3 year old. No skin conditions I have really bad seasonal allergies so I have a runny nose and itchy eyes. My blood work was normal but it was just checking my blood cell count and my urine was normal. I had a ultra sound last week and an upper GI series done. The doctor said everything is normal but during the upper GI the barium drink went through my small intestine in 10 minutes rather then 2 hours. She has said that people who have there gallbladder removed experience this or people with a wheat intolerance. I have been wheat free for only 3 days and the pain is mild. I ate ice cram yesturday and I found I got the pain in my stomach and felt bloated and had ALOT of gas. I guess my question is are my symptoms typical of celiac??? Please let me know I would GREATLY appreciate it.