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  1. Ali , first of all keep faith that u are on right track and being celiac we have no other option . well i didnot had hair loss but my hair were weak and grey almost close to whiteish silver but on gluten free for 4 mon they look healthy and changing to blackish silver and patches looks very much black , so lets hope down track this problem of yours will get better . give time to recovery . good luck
  2. it is the same story here , add few more lines ....... what to do life goes on . good luck take care
  3. its good how u feel but remember it is not smooth graph going up there will be up and downs it is a dancing sort of progress one day u move forward next day it may be different story that is where u keep faith for better . it is better to acess (pl forgive my spelling as my english is poor )yourself after every 6 month than we find the difference . take care n God Bless u
  4. yr lines gave me hope , well i live in a country in civil war and it is not easy hard to explain but big thk u