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  1. Thanks for all your posts. I do take a multivitamin once a day. The reason I went gluten free is to 1) lose some weight (success here so far) 2) see if it can help me with my occasional headaches 3) from what I read, anyone can benefit from gluten-free diet even if that person does not have any alergic symptoms
  2. Any help here? Can you please share if your withdrawal symptoms included depression and if so, how long they lasted? Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. I started on gluten free diet exactly 2 weeks ago for two reasons: 1) I would like to lose some weight 2) I get headaches/brain fog from time to time and I heard this may be related to gluten (I realize not every headache is caused by gluten) I have no reason to believe that I am gluten sensitive, my digestive system works very well but I read that people may be gluten sensitive yet have very few symptoms. I have no problems following the diet - in fact, after a week I stopped craving bread/past completely. However (!), 3 days after I eliminated gluten from my diet, I started experiencing strong brain fog episodes and even mild/moderate depression. This has been taking for 11 days now and it is pretty bad. I read about withdrawal symptoms but people usually report having them for a few days. Is what I experience common? Why the depression? Thanks for any insight you can share with me.