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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Neg Biopsies

    Thank you for repling so fast to my post. I haven't had any of the blood work done. I think the surgeon was pretty set on that fact that it was celiac disease so one botheres to issue blood work. I can't really have the blood work done now can I since i've gluten free right? They took a total of three biopcies, now would that be sufficient or not? I'm just concerened becuase i reallt don't want to be back at square one again with no ansewers. I bet alot of people know how i feel. Thanks again Jolene
  2. My family doc recieved my results of my biopcies(sp) they happened to be negative. I haven't seen my surgeon yet, to get his diagnosis. My question is , Is it still possible to celiac disease if your tests come back negative? I find out on moday from my surgeon.I'm still edgy that he told the nurse to tell me that he feels its celiac disease and thats why he went as far as to take the biopcies. I don't know i may be getting because monday is just around the corner. I've stayed off gluten now for almost 3 weeks and feel a whole lot better. I just don't know anymore, i guess i'm confussed.Thanks for letting me rant a bit just worried. Jolene
  3. I not to sure if diffrent places take a longer or shorter amount of times. I had my endoscopy done almost 2 weeks ago and my surgeon said it should take about two weeks to get the results back. So i'm guessing probably any were from 2-3 weeks, depending on how busy the lab is. Jolene
  4. Worried

    My gallbladder was removed almost 3 years ago now. I wasn't even aware that i needed it removed until i was in emergency surgery.
  5. Worried

    I would like to thank you all for posting. The docs have ruled everthing thing else out., as for the health problems that is. They haven't done the blood work that i am aware of. Maybe i'll ask my gp to run them, i see her tomorrow.I guess the surgeon figures it looked like celiac disease thats why he went ahead and did the biopyes.I guess he seem some damage on my small intestine. I won't know the defenat diagnosis for another couple weeks. Thanks once again for your quick replies. Jolene
  6. Hello there my name is Jolene. Sorry about the last post by the way i really didn't mean to so that. Here is the thing my Gp sent me to a gasterintestinal (sp) surgeon to have me looked at. I told him a bunch of my symtoms which consist of Abdominal pain. bloating,gas, heartburn, constipation lower back pain, exzema and fatique. He asked me right off the bat if celiac disease runs in my family. One month later he had me in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. When i awoke from the sedation the nurse had told me the doc figures its celiac disease and she gave me a panphelt to read up on the diease becuase i've never heard of it before. Here is the thing do the docs tell you things if they are not certain? He also took 3 or 4 biopsys.that was last wednesday. On friday night i was taken to the hospital due to extreme abdominal pain. It was to the point that it hurt to walk stand sit and lay down. When i arrived at the hospital the doc there thought it was heartburn for they gave me a bunch of meds for that i kept telling her it wasn't heartburn. They finally gave me some demerol and pain subsided a little bit. I came home and slept then inlaws showed up to help me because i had only gotten 3 hours sleep and i have little kids at home. Later saturday night My hubby took me in the hospital again because the pain was still there. The doc had asked me if i had ate anything i told him yes, i ate a fair amoumt of gluten on friday and thats when the pain started. I also informed him the the surgeon thinks i have celiac disease. He did a x-ray of my belly gave me a shot of demerol and sent some home with me. The pain has since eased off and i also haven't had any gluten in about 4 days now. Do you figure there is a good chance i had celiac disease? Should i continue with gluten until i see the surgeon or stop it? I'm very confussed about this whole because it seemed like a big bomb was droped on me. I'm sure all of you know how it feels though Anyhow any insight would be apperciated. Thanks Jolene