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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, Agreed with the above post... it takes a while to heal and its really easy to be accidently exposed, if you make your food your self, that will help quite a bit, a lot of pre made foods contain gluten and are listed in ways that make it tough to discern... as a student, I know you are really busy but when you have a second, continue to read up on celiac ingredient sites, explore all the hidden gluten and terms, eventually you will be able to read an ingredient list and know right away if you can have it... hope you feel better.. Take care and keep in touch, Lisarose
  2. Hello, My first thought was the Doritos... they contain monosodium glutamate which is made of gluten... possible when you first went gluten free, like others you cut out most things then started again... its tough to investigate all ingredients some times and for some people an exposure to gluten can cause huge effects even if its only a few times, kind of like starting over every time... keep your chin up, it gets easier... Take care and keep in touch.... Lisarose
  3. Hello All! Due to a confirmed dx of Celiacs, I have been gluten free for just over 2 years. The results of recent blood work indicate a very low Ferritin level with normal Hgb, (here in Canada: range is 15 - 300 and mine is 13). What is the experience of others with similar levels after this length of time gluten free? I am wondering how long it takes for the intestines to be healed enough to absorb iron? This is why I was originally tested for celiacs, because of a low iron count despite supplements. Of note, I still take supplements and try to eat iron enriched food daily. Thanks so much and keep in touch..... Lisarose