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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello! I am sorry you are suffering like you are. I was drawn to this post because I have a very limited diet and I know how hard it can be. Coupe of things I noticed right off the bat I'd like to share with you. One important thing is to know how long it will take to heal! Way longer than you think. Patience is key. You do also seem all over the place as far as reactions. I also think you might have food allergies or another issue. I have celiacs but I am also allergic to 7 other foods. You may benefit from keeping a very simple diet for a week and then try new things one at a time. Keep a food diary too. Your moving around too fast to see which hurts and what you can eat. BTW, the bacon could not be gluten free! Some are, most are not. I would go see an allergist and find out if you have any food allergies. I wish you all the best and remember...many of us are still healing years later. It takes time.
  2. Thank you. I have kept a food journal for 2.5 years Didn't tell me anything since I have that issue every time. I won't "really" know what the cause is but I don't see any difference between lectin avoidance and elimination diet. I do have good news! After one day of lectin diet I had a normal digestion this morning!!! Been a LONG time since that happened. Why exactly...not sure. I know things are looking up and that makes me happy. My digestive enzymes came today so I began those today too. Probiotics are on the way also. So in a way, I won't know if it was corn or soy or what until I begin to work them back into my diet after 30 days. I know it's not the veggies though, at least not the ones I had yesterday from my farmer. Good to know even those can come into contact with wheat. For crying out loud, what doesn't?? Now I'm just hopeful tomorrow morning goes as well. Thanks again!
  3. Wow I sure do have questions. I was a little alarmed to see so many of my current issues associated with high lectin foods and how many foods I can't eat already on that list! One list of high lectin foods say no mushrooms other ones say you can eat mushrooms. I would love to try this but I am having trouble finding a reliable list of foods to avoid. I did read up and I understand how there is a level of lectins in almost all food so the varied list I get but I do need somewhere to start. So far I have this: no eggs, sweet n hot peppers, tomato, potato, eggplant, beans including soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, processed foods. Rice is a grain but is it a high lectin grain? I also bought some digestive enzymes. I am feeling hopeful again Thank you everybody
  4. Thank you. I am thinking something else might be wrong too. I have had my thyroid checked-came back fine. I have a few over use injuries (from working out) or that's what my doc thinks. My PT (phycial therapist) thinks it might be something more like RA because I am not responding to thepary. But that has nothing to do with digestion right? My head is spinning.
  5. I can't have any dairy, casein is the protein of all dairy The few safe products I have are usually canned/dried beans, lentils, quinoa, gluten-free soy sauce, and sardines/tuna. Are there more than one kind of digestive enzymes? Is there a brand everyone seems to tolerate best?
  6. Feeling A Little Sorry For Myself.

    You're not alone. I was very sad at first too being such a foodie. I have learned to make wonderful food I can safely enjoy and you will too. I found one thing to be very helpful when I was starting out. Instead of making lists of things I couldn't have I made a book of things I could have then learned all about them how to make them even better. Collected recipes and kept them in that book. Wrote down spontaious ideas of food combos that would work and so on. You will adapt! Be positive!
  7. Hello, I hope everyone had a safe and pain free holiday. I am just looking for suggestions on how to move forward in the goal of health. I am an avid reader here but rarely post. Now I need to. I learned 2.5 years ago that I had celiac plus food allergies to: eggs, casein, tree nuts, peanuts, and, avocado. Although I have been glutened in the past my diet is the cleanest I know how to get it. I buy all my produce from a CSA (direct from the farm) that is organic so I also eat seasonally. I get all my organic, 100% grass fed meats directly from farms. I eat rice pasta and wraps and a very few safe products from the grocery stores. I workout and have a balanced stress free (almost, lol) life. The one thing I don't do that I want to is take a probiotic. I don't know which one to take because I seem to not even absorb my multi vitamin even though it is gluten-free. I can't find a good doctor to save my life (literally). I am NOT getting better. My outrageous symptoms did get better within the first year but I have been unable to move past that point. I spend all that time and $ on good food I'm afraid is being wasted. Is this my life forever? Is there something I am not doing that I could be doing? What harm can come of STILL not processing my food in my body correctly? Just a touch sad today and looking for ideas...