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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Glutened - Help! Can't Deal With It!

    When I get gluttened, I always take two charcoal capsules, which you can get near the Pepto. I also take some Nyquil for sinus issues, and lay down with a wet cloth over my eyes. This whole method seems to help me greatly. Usually after that, it just takes 3 or so days before I am fine again. Beware though, charcoal capsules will turn your feces black, which alarmed me the first time I saw it. Hope you are feeling better soon!
  2. Granite City, Cedar Rapids Iowa

    Thanks for the info! I am from Iowa City, and we have found few places I can eat at around here, besides Godfather's Pizza and Mama's Deli in Downtown Iowa City. I would definitely be will to drive to Cedar Rapids to try something new. What sort of food do they serve?
  3. I am Celiac and my husband has been going on and off of my diet. He has anemia and keratosis pilaris, extreme fatigue, lots of GI issues, and is very irritable. His father also has really severe joint issues and diabetes. Other children in our family appear to have gluten allergy or Celiac symptoms, but none of them feel it is severe enough to visit a doctor. I thought perhaps I was just imagining these things because I have Celiac, so I told my husband, and asked him to try gluten free for a week. Only a week in, he stopped being tired, quit having tummy issues, and his keratosis pilaris nearly vanished. He stated it was the best he has ever felt. However, he went to a friends for burgers and hot dogs, and started eating gluten again. He skin broke out all over and he once again became his sleepy and grumpy self again. He believes that he at least has a gluten allergy, but is unwilling to abstain from gluten, unless he has an official diagnosis. Since he continues to eat gluten, I am thinking about making him an appointment to get a Celiac panel done. I am fairly sure that he has it, his symptoms are just not to the severe degree that mine were. Even if he doesn't I think there is some sort of allergy issue going on.
  4. Week One

    Good Luck! I am just finishing my first month of being gluten free. The first week or two was rough for me. I had a lot more energy and no headaches, but I still had some GI symptoms. It was easy for me to feel discouraged that my symptoms did not magically vanish. I also kept thinking I had glutened myself in the first week, but my stomach was still healing. Now that it has been a month, I can definitely tell you it will get better. I no longer crave wheat foods and I have started cooking a lost of fresh meals from scratch, which actually taste much better than the sandwiches I used to eat. Like others have said, make sure that you are buying food just for YOU. I am used to cooking for my husband, so I often would just buy and prepare whatever he wanted. Now I buy my own separate groceries, cook my own meals, and keep my food in a different part of the kitchen, since I also live with my in-laws, who have no gluten issues. Also, stock up on the snacks! I went from having no appetite to being ravishingly hungry every three hours or so. It's really nice that someone made you a list, I had such a hard time those first couple of trips to the store. I was definitely afraid of chemicals, so I mostly bought potatoes, rice, fruit, nuts, veggies, and dairy, which worked out well. Now I am adding in some gluten free pastas and some soda made with stevia, but for the most part I am chemical free. I hope you feel better really soon!
  5. Godfather's Pizza

    I just wanted to relay that I had a really good experience with Godfather's Pizza. I found it using a registry in my area, and then visited the website beforehand. Their management has all attended Celiac Awareness training, and all of their gluten free pizzas as prepared at a dedicated facility and shipped to the store. They were very nice about it, and assured us they take special precautions. We were able to see from our table and they cooked it in a special container, and used special utensils and sterile technique when cooking it. It was very good,and just tasted like a normal pizza. My husband is a expert pizza eater, and he even enjoyed it. They come in 6 options, and we tried the meat combo, which was amazing. My only complaint is that they are small, like a personal pan size, and they have just the one size. So it is slightly expensive for the size we got, but it was worth it. Highly recommended, and makes me happy that I can still have pizza on occasion.
  6. Dinner At A Chinese Restaurant

    Great! I have read all these horror stories about getting glutened when eating out, so it is nice to hear something good. I also went out this week had a gluten free pizza at Godfather's Pizza. Tiny, but very good.
  7. Good Beverages?

    Sorry, I just posted a blank reply...still a newb. I am really liking Zevia, I think the grape is the best. I also have been drinking Hansen's. I got lucky, and quite a few places carry Zevia around here. I was even able to get a couple of packs for 3 bucks on sale this week. I did see the Izzes, but I wasn't sure whether or not they were good. I'm not too worried about my soda drinking at this point. I am losing weight really quick, and I basically am on a whole foods diet. At this point, the only thing I am even consuming that is processed is soda and Mounds ice cream bars, which I am now in love with. I make all my meals from scratch and I have fruit and veggies for snacks. So I'm gonna enjoy my Zevia try making my own sodas too. Oh, and by the way, I also tried to get my Coke drinking husband to have a Zevia and he spit it out. So I'll still be buying him at least a 24 pack a week. I've been able to get him to eat some gluten free meals, but I think he will always drink Coke.
  8. Good Beverages?

    Thanks! That's a really good idea. I also stopped and got some Zevia and some Hansen's. I like the Hansen's, but it has a lot of sugar. The Zevia was really great. It doesn't taste too much like soda, but I think I might actually prefer the tase. I really like the soda streamer idea, where did you get it at? It would probably be cheaper in the long run as well, Zevia is almost 7 bucks for a 6 pack in my area.
  9. Good Beverages?

    OK! Thanks everyone! I don't plan on drinking soda forever, because I do know it's not good, I really just wanted to have something similar gradually step down. I have tried Natural Blue before, and I really liked it, and I will look for Zevia too. I think in a few weeks, I will try making my own. I think the carbonation is something I really like, and I usually just have a soda at dinner. Thanks for the good info!
  10. Dinner At A Chinese Restaurant

    Well, as a rule, as long as they do not add certain seasonings to fish, it is fine. If you like fish, there were lots of options on the menu. You would basically just need to ask them not to season it with anything but salt or pepper, and just serve it to you with some butter sauce. Steaks and Veggies are the same. As long as it is not seasoned and doesn't come with noodles, it should be okay. If it is upscale, they probably will have no issues with special requests, and may even have special gluten free items that are on the menu. A couple of places I have checked online in my area do not have the gluten free menu displayed with the regular one, but will either email you a list of safe items, or a separate menu. Good luck! I love dining out, and it is one thing I already miss.
  11. Hi! I am still newly gluten free, and I was wanting to get an opinion about beverages. I am a big Diet Coke drinker, and I am trying to to switch to something else, as I seem to not be able to tolerate citric acid, and I also do not want to drink or ingest artificial sweeteners. However, I am having a hard time, because I love soda. I know that water and juice are good, and I have largely switched to those, but I am having a hard time letting go of my dinner-time Diet Coke. I would really like to find a soda that uses Stevia, if anyone knows of one. So I was just wondering what all of you drink in a normal day, and what you would recommend. I am open to trying sodas with cane sugar, or some other natural flavoring, I'm just not sure if this would be bad for me. I do have some concerns that I may be getting low blood sugar, because when I wait to eat I get very intense stomach pains, irritablity, and I start to feel a little light headed. I also am losing weight at a very fast rate since I went gluten free, enough for everyone around me to find it noticeable. I am wondering if I need to add some sugars to my diet. So far I am not really consuming anything processed, other than soda. I am sticking to meat, veggies, fruit, greek yogurt, cheese, nuts, cornbread, fish, and quinoa. I also have been making smoothies with half strawberry banana Kefir, and half juice. Does it sound like my diet can tolerate the added sugar from an organic type soda?
  12. Refried Beans

    Hi, I am in my second week of going gluten free. I also eat this brand of refried beans, and haven't had any kind of reaction. I have, however, had reactions to anything with citric acid. I'm with the other people, it may be a different ingredient causing the issue. I heard a lot of people can't tolerate dairy at first, so if you put cheese in the beans, like I do, that may have been it. Lucky for me, I seem to be able to tolerate cheese.
  13. Red Heads

    Interesting...I am half Native American, half Irish. I was born with back hair, but turned brown with red tinting when I was a teenager.
  14. Yeah, I will have to think about it. I guess I am just dreading the doctor because for the past two or three years, I have been visiting doctors who will not listen to me. This last one was the worst. I told him all of my symptoms and he said, " It doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard of, I think you are just borrowing trouble. You just have a urinary tract infection and you need to take antibiotics. You will be fine after that." I told him I was adopted, so I had no family medical history to rule out genetic disorders, and that I have been having kidney issues since childhood, and also, that I was also having severe stomach issues. I explained that I have PCOS, and that I have not had a period for 4 years and have large cysts on my ovaries. I requested that he run tests and told him that I believed something was seriously wrong. I also voiced my concerns that I might have ovarian cancer, based on frequent urination, back pain, increased abdominal girth, and several other issues that also commonly appear in Celiac. He told me that he was the doctor, not me, and that urinary issues, bloating, and back pain have nothing to do with Ovarian Cancer. These are the first warning signs!! I also asked if it might be possible years ago that had some kind of allergy because of the red bumps on my arms. A dermatologist told me that it was an "Indian Person's Disease", and that it is because my birth mother was white, and my birth father was Native American, and that those two races breeding causes genetic deformities. So really, I am just not eager to begin dealing with doctors again. Really, I do believe I have Celiac, and just that knowledge is enough for me. If I can find a good doctor here in Iowa City, I will consider it, but I am really stressed out just thinking about having to fight with these people. Plus, my husband and I have limited resources right now, so I am worried that if I have to Doctor Hunt, it may result in multiple co-pays that we cannot afford. I'm a CNA, and I haven't been working because I have been too sick, and my joint issues caused me to fail a physical the last time I applied for a job. We are on one income right now, so I know it will at least be 2 or 3 weeks until I can even schedule an appointment. I don't know if I am willing to be sick for that long again, just to deal with possible quackery again, and get told that everything is in my own head.
  15. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. It has been a few more days, and I feel even better. Since I have not other issues that are really serious, other than PCOS, at this point, I'm not sure if I want to even go to the doctor. My main reason I thought I needed to go were my frequent headaches, which are now gone. I have also been reading about people that are having to eat gluten to get a diagnosis, and it sounds horrible. I told my husband that I would rather be gluten free my entire life than have another week of symptoms. I feel like as long as I know what is wrong, and can keep from becoming ill again, that is enough for me. And I am becoming more and more sure that gluten is the issue. My red bumps are already starting to fade on my arms, and I know this is weird too, but my skin feels way softer. Last night, I was throwing away my old soap, and as soon as I picked it up, I started sneezing. So I am thinking that gluten has to be the issue, as I looked at an unopened bar of my old soap, and it contained gluten. I am just very grateful to finally know what is wrong. I have spent the last year or two believing that I might be dying, and being frustrated because no doctor I went to would listen to me. Besides that, I actually really enjoy eating gluten free. Sure, I miss pasta, but I grew up in a household where we had an acre garden, so I know many ways of preparing fruits and veggies, and I have also been gathering some gluten free recipes online. Plus, I live in an area that carries a lot of organic and gluten free foods, so I am lucky. The only thing I noticed is that it is very expensive if you start buying pre-packaged gluten free meals, or substitute foods like gluten-free pretzels. So I just bought things that are naturally gluten free and I am making other things from scratch.