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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all so much for your advice. I actually went to see a new GI a couple days ago and walked out in tears. For some reason some doctors (not all as there are some GREAT doctors out there) have a way of making a patient feel so stupid and illiterate regarding their symptoms, as well as marginalizing the realization and seriousness of their symptoms. SO FRUSTRATING!!! I'm debating if I even want to try an Endocrinologist at this point, or just throw in the towel on healthcare system. I just received information on a good ND near me that I will contact for a consultation. My friends are going to him regularily and experiencing some great results (though they are not celiacs). Hopefully he can help me regain my strength & energy again. Thanks again for all the advice. I've been checking out the web links and trying the suggestions you've made.
  2. Thank you mamaw and Takala for your advice. I have had blood work done, iron checked several times, and just had my physical/blood work. I've received conflicting information from different doctors...some saying I'm anemic and others saying my iron is normal. I'm also already on a low thyroid med as well as a low hormone replacement...and again another doctor disagreeing with that too. I don't know what doctor to actually go to any more...PCP, GI, OBGYN, Dietician, Naturalist, Hemotologist, endocronologist, etc. I've been to all of them and think I may have to start playing "ring around the rosy" with all specialists again. ;( I don't know if I have had my adrenals checked...should I do that through a PCP or GI? I've also been asking for specific tests to be done as the doctors don't seem to openly offer them. Only through research and talking with my mom (who is a nurse) have I discovered some of the tests to ask for. Have you run into this issue too? After reading your responses I probably do need to take simple extra precautions like washing my hands more and such, so I will concentrate on those efforts more. As far as my employment...I feel like my condition may appear as "mellow dramatic," but it's definitely very real. I also get so frustrated with myself because I'm used to being highly energetic and an extreme multitasker...yet I now struggle with focusing on how to do the simplest tasks. Is this also related to celiacs? It strongly hinders me from trying and wanting to pursue new things. Thanks for listening and offering your advice...I really appreciate it.
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiacs about 2 years ago after suffering for a few years with severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog, dizziness, skin problems and a number of other symptoms. I have faithfully adhered to the gluten-free diet to the best of my knowledge and don't battle with the stomach pain and nausea 24/7 as I used to, but I do still constantly struggle with fatigue and muscle weakness to the point that I can barely walk and have to hold on to walls and walk extremely slow to get around. At times I'm even nervous to drive as a result. This seems to be my normal for over a year or more. I'll have about 2-3 good days followed by 3-4 days of feeling extremely weak, and back around this cycle over and over. It gets worse when I work long hours and long work weeks. I heard that stress is often a trigger for celiacs. What if one's job has a tendancy to be very stressful...how is one to recover and find a heathly balance with celiacs? I tend to still battle with extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog, and skin problems more days than not which is really affecting my productivity and overall outlook. I'm even worried about it affecting my current or future employment oppotunitites. The doctors' only solution to all this is to put me on an anti-depressant; however I disagree. Does anyone else deal with stress still triggering celiac symptoms while on a gluten-free diet? Any advice on how to cope in a stressful environment and still regain full health and vitality without anti-depressants? Could I be making any common mistakes somewhere that could also be triggering these symptoms? Help...I've pretty much given up on doctors at this point.
  4. Besides severe digestive complications, stomach pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, brain fog, etc., one of my main "delayed" symptoms is skin acne/exzema on my face, upper back, arms, legs, chest, scalp, & stomach. They are a combination if painful and itchy bumps. I have been gluten free for almost 2 years and still suffer, which I believe has also been triggered by stress, slowing my healing process while contributing to possible "leaky gutt" syndrome. Here's my question...have any of you struggled with doctors and dermatologists taking you seriously?