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  1. My problem is that I don't consider anything with the word "lite" in it to be beer. I'd rather not drink it than to drink that swill.. Sigh... Talk about your life-changing events.
  2. You need to suspend your bias. Far from being "dirty life sucking" parasites, intestinal helminths evolved along with humans (and every other higher animal). It's entirely likely that because of our obsession with sterility and "cleanliness" (a joke if ever there was one) that we've induced diseases like Chron's and celiac that are virtually unknown outside the "developed" world. If you understand how the immune system works, it needs something to do. When we rid ourselves of parasites (which are in many cases essentially harmless), our immune system looks for something to do. In this case, it merrily goes along attacking the intestinal lining giving us the wonderful symptoms of celiac disease. The research on helminthic therapy for Chron's and celiac, while not voluminous yet, is quite compelling. It makes complete sense from a cellular physiology point of view, and I for one am going to be actively seeking it out now that I know it's available. Just FYI, the "dirty life-sucking parasites" under discussion are no dirtier nor more life-sucking than the trillions of bacteria that live on your skin, in your hair follicles, inside your nose, inside your mouth, under your fingernails, inside your vagina (if you have one), and from end to end in your intestinal tract. Try killing all those little guys off and see how long you live. I'd give you hours at most, even if it were possible to kill them all, which it isn't.