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  1. Hi guys! For a while I've been having problems with exercise, which was my presenting complaint to the doctor.Starting about two years ago I was making barely any gains in my fitness and wrote this off as simply not trying hard enough, despite working out a minimum of three times a week and eating very healthily. I ignored alot of symptoms and put it down to me being overdramatic and unfit. However, my family forced me to make an appointment when I increasingly started feeling faint afterwards and sometimes during exercise. Aside from the faintness, I exercise and feel achy, sometimes lethargic. I also feel unfocused like I'm in a mild daze and have constant phelgm stuck in my throat. The doctor ordered blood tests and an ECG(or EKG if you prefer). Nothing was abnormal except for slightly decreased kidney function (almost unsignificant) and a postive anti-endomysial antibody (EMA). He admitted he was a bit confused as nothing obviously explained my problems, but referred me onwards for more celiac testing just in case that was the cause. Since then, I have visited another doctor (I had to get referred again from uni), seen a consultant who ordered more blood tests and underwent endoscopy with biopsy. I think they took 4 or 5 samples in the biopsy and there were no abnormalities in the GI tract. I admit I was surprised when I got told I might have celiacs, but only now I realise I was being stubborn again and missing alot of increasing symptoms. I haven't been too bad in all honestly, just bloating, gas, nausea and tiredness, but I recently went through a very bad period of depression which almost came out of nowhere. In a way I hope that's related so I can get rid of it, it's ruined the last year! I've started a gluten-free diet and this is my fifth day. I think already I'm feeling a little better, but it's hard to say. I really hope that my exercise problems resolve soon, I've missed out on a whole year of triathlon already! But I'm not exactly sure that celiac is the cause of all of that, again I hope it is so I can just be normal again!! I also really hope that the diagnosis comes through so it will be easier to convince everyone what's going on. My family is quite supportive but skeptical at the same time! I don't really help with that because I have a notorious habit of downplaying anything that's wrong with me. The post is so long, sorry! It was only meant to be brief. I think it started as a question then turned into a bit of a rant. Anyway, if you took the time to read this then thank you. I guess I only wanted to write down a few things and it feels good to mull it over and get it off my chest