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  1. Ive been Celiac for a bit now and Ive learned that 0% of people get it, Eating out is the most frustrating. You just have to learn to deal with people because people wont always learn to deal with you.
  2. I was very very sick Ended up going through the ropes with doctors and Tests, Can't say I enjoyed cameras going in both ends at 18 but it's finally over and I'm getting better! =)
  3. Well It's Official I have Celiac Sprue, The worst this about it is that I cannot join the military which I have planned to my whole life.
  4. I'm at the same place Jetamio, It may suck eating gluten but having a positive biopsy is worth it in my mind I don't want a false negative.
  5. Yep Having KFC Today =) I will enjoy my last meals for all of you =) and then I will not so much enjoy them if you know what I mean =)
  6. So My name is Shawn I'm 18 and today I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis And I am currently waiting to get a biopsy for Celiac, I had the blood test done and on there scale of 1-6 I had a 27. My doctor said there's no way I don't have it but I have to get the biopsy just to make sure. The crappy thing is I have to continue eating gluten until then. But uh yeah Sup erybody!