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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Getting back to the digestive enzymes.... If your villi are blunted they won't produce enough lipase needed to digest fat soluble vitamins. Very important in healing. Enzymes could be a reason your not absorbing these vitamins. being deficient in FS vitamins can lead to poor digestion along with a miriad of similar issues. I said buy the best you can before, but i'd like to add... buy ones specifically made for those trying to heal their guts from celiac sprue. Francesca
  2. Agreed. A good GI can't turn a blind eye to IIP or "leaky gut." Bravo to your DR would encouraged your research. My ped GI told me emphatically to stop looking online. He was a horses A. I wonder if you're better off seeking out the help of a Dr. more versed in this disease. Keep up with the natural healing with your bone broths etc. You will find your path to wellness. Look into natural healing. This website has a good article on just that. Id like to add something about candida at the risk of veering off the original topic, but i feel it presents a more clear picture. And really, just one of the things I'm considering about my DD declining health. Along with the protein outer wall seeming like gluten, C. Albicans, in its (possible) overgrowth changes to its more virulent fungal form. This form creates these barbed appendages that cut into the tissue of the intestinal wall. Thereby making it more permeable. I am in NO way suggesting that this is anyone else's problem but our but it's just so damn interesting I had to share. Also another interesting thing Ive read is the fact that no Dr. will ever recognize this as a problem because there is no billing code for it. Yeah. So if they acknowledge and treat you for it, they would not get reimbursed. Hmm, sounds plausible to me. Francesca
  3. Ok so heres my 2 cents for this old/new topic.... Nadia2009--Extremely interesting subject your reading about as this is what really excites me to believe that I can help my daughter feel well. Her immune system is on fire. She fells like crap most of the time. Heres my thoughts.... Celiac disease in essence will cause a leaky gut. Just removing gluten (depending on how long it has been harming you) may not remove your ailments. Your damaged stomach and intestine will allow the most benign ingested substances into your bld stream. The substances will not have been well digested because of this leaky gut and be recognized as an invader. Causing all sorts of symptoms including stom aches, cramps, nausea fatigue so on so on.... Also I feel compelled to share a related researched subject. Candida overgrowth is very likely within those who suffer from gluten intolerance. There is written evidence that this bad bacteria's Protein cell wall which can easily flourish in a sick gut and intestine looks EXTREMELY similar to the protein structure of GLUTEN!!!!! Holy! This is my holy grail so to speak and I feel I'm on the verge of wellness with my 11 yr old. Add probiotics to the digestive enzymes. Buy the best you can afford. Francesca
  4. Hi all, Im new to the Forum, not the disease. My daughter 11 has been diag w/ celiac disease since 2008. We are experiencing a large host of other problems. I seek out the best med help I can. I have run into MANY road blks including the doctors labeling my daughters constant state of nausea/sickness as being in her mind!! Getting to the point..... Trust your instincts. I am finding that with my constant research that these well intended doctors cannot fully understand the scope of illness this disease can cause. Good luck, I hope you guys feel good soon! Francesca