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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. that is all i see.....there is nothing else?
  2. I am so confused, I got a copy of my daughters lab results and here is what it says, is this a full panel?? IgA Ser-mCnc 107 mg/dL That is all I see on the report.
  3. Well she did much better today, she did get a headache but no stomachache and she was not gassy all day. She had gluten free, milk free pancakes for breakfast, salad with ham and carrots for lunch, kettle chips for a snack and rice and beans with raisins for dinner and kinninick(sp?) gluten free cookies for dessert.
  4. I bought a new colander, and the bread was bobs red mill brand...
  5. I didn't think about the pot! Maybe that is what it is from, she has also been very gassy since last night....she has always been gassy but got better the first few days now it's back.
  6. i started my daughter on a gluten free diet 5 days ago, she was feeling great until today. she started complaining of her stomach and head hurting again....i have been really careful what i give her to eat. i did however make some gluten free bread for the first time last night and today she had her first gluten free macaroni and cheese, i took the cheese packet from a kraft mac and cheese box and used gluten free rice noodles.....that is the only 2 different things i have done today, could it be one of those things that i fed her that did this to her???
  7. She did great! She understood why she was getting it done, it took her a little while to come out of the sedation butnshe came around, she did have a headache and a stomachache afterward but they didnt last long.
  8. I started a gluten free diet for my daughter and my husband 3 days ago right after my daughters biopsy and she has been feeling a lot better and my husband said he is feeling better also, but me...my stomach is torn up. I have been making the same food for the whole family and it has done nothing but mess with my stomach and i have never had any kind of stomach problems before, is that normal????
  9. I am starting a gluten free diet as of tomorrow for her, I was at the store today buying stuff trying to prepare the kitchen. My daughters doctor was great and told me to try the gluten-free diet, i have been pretty happy with him! I hate waiting for test results.....only 8 more days!
  10. My 8 year old daughter had the endoscopy and colonoscopy today, she had it because she has been getting stomach aches and headaches daily, plus she has muscle cramps, shows all the dental signs of celiacs and the biggest sign is failure to thrive. The blood work came up negative but the dr wanted to go forward with the scope, she was a trooper and did great! He gave me e pictures of her insides and he told me everything looks great but he took 4 biopsies of the small intestines and 4 of her colon and we will find out the results of those at her follow up on the 10th, my question is, is there a possibility of her turning up with celiacs even if the dr said everything looked normal? Either way we are going to give gluten free a shot and see If it helps.
  11. I suppose I will find out soon, today was pretty miserable for her being on a liquid only diet, I will be glad when this whole ordeal is over.....the dr told me that even if everything comes back negative he wants me to try a gluten free diet with her so this week I will be preparing my kitchen.
  12. My 8 year old daughter started getting stomach aches, headaches and muscle aches daily 3-4 months ago, she is 41lbs and 46inches tall, the gastro has diagnosed her with failure to thrive. She had a celiac panel run(along with s bunch of other tests) and everything came back normal.....over the past few days she hasn't had tummy aches, headaches or joint pains....but if I press on her tummy right above her belly button she said that it hurts. She has a endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled first thing Monday morning and I want some answers! No child should have to take pepto bismal daily. The dr is concerned about her weight as we are, he said that the only reason he is going through with the endo and colonoscopy is because of how small she is.......with the symptoms I posted does it sound like she could have celiacs even with a negative celiac panel???