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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone know if oaxalates can contribute to a leaky gut with celiac? Every time I've tried to do a "leaking gut" healing diet, where I consume lots of fresh fruit and veggies....however, this seems to make my symptoms worse??
  2. JERSEYANGEL - Just curious, were you able to figure out why you were having a problem with the chicken?
  3. Anyone have problems with chicken???
  4. What are your thoughts on Kefir?? I buy the plain kind, 99% lactose free - but I'm not sure If I will be able to tolerate it right now......?
  5. I am a celiac currently dealing with multiple food intolerances. I have done quite a bit of research, and am t rying to find the best leaky gut healing diet to follow. From what I can gather, I should stick to mainly: Unprocessed meats & fish (chicken, turkey, beef) Low Starch Vegetables Healthy Oils I am not sure about fruit, as the high sugar ones tend to bother me from time to time. Additionally, squash seems to bother me (wondering if it is because the high starch content) Coconut is supposed to be a gut healing food, however, I tend to negatively react to it. Looking for any suggestions from people who have tried things that work!!! Thanks!
  6. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in March of this year (2012) after experiencing an on-set of the following symptoms: -EDEMA (extreme tissue swelling all over the body that never seemed to subside) -SINUS CONGESTION and SCRATCHY THROAT -Achiness -Fatigue -Anemia (falling asleep all of the time) -Severe cravings/constant hunger I immediately eliminated ALL gluten. I felt better for a few weeks, then I felt progressively worse. I've toyed with elimination diets of all sorts for the past six months. I have been able to pinpoint some problematic foods, but what throws me for a loop, is that some herbs, and possibly some vegetables seem to bother me. I've recently discovered that many celiacs are sensitive to all lectins when they have a leaky gut. I have felt better cutting these well-known lectins from my diet -legumes -dairy -all nuts -soy -nightshades & citrus However, I feel there are some other things lingering in my diet that contain high lectin levels. Is it true that garlic and onion are high in lectin? Are there any fruits and veggies that are known for high lectin content??
  7. Does anyone have experience with detoxifying the body from salicylates? I believe I have grown sensitive to them from over-consumption of fruits and veggies in the recent months after having to go gluten and grain free.... I am sticking to mostly these foods for the time being: white potato allowed low sal veggies pears ricotta and cottage cheese beef & chicken eggs does anyone know how long it takes to clear the sals from your system before you can feel relief/begin re-introducing?
  8. Does anyone know of a link between celiac and salicylate sensitivity? I am diagnosed celiac as of this March - thinking I may have salicylate sensitivity as well based on foods I react to, anyone else??
  9. For those of you with food allergies/intolerances in ADDITION to wheat...how long does the reaction set-in after consumption... I am suspicious that I have a sensitivity to coconut and sunflower. I ate some sunflower seed butter around 3pm yesterday afternoon and am feeling the affects today - would this sound about right???
  10. Interesting...do you think other things besides the grains were bothering you?? Nuts, beans, fruit?? How long until you felt relief? What were your symptoms if you don't mind me asking..... This article explains the whole cross-reactivity concept, interesting I know.. http://blog.primohealthcoach.com/blog/bid/79586/18-Gluten-Cross-Reactive-Foods
  11. Hi there, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease mid-March of this year. I have been on a strict gluten-free diet for over six months now. My major symptom, leading up to the diagnosis, was EXTREME edema/fluid retention and fatigue. For a few weeks after my diagnosis, I began to feel a bit better. But not for long, I actually started to feel worse. I experimented with some elimination diets this summer, at times they led me to "temporary relief", but nothing long-standing. Symptoms returned worse. About a month ago, I began to develop sinus problems, scratchy throat, in addition. I recently came across studies about "cross-reactive foods" like rice, (basically all grains) potatos, tapioca, coffee, etc. There is a list of about 18. The studies says that your body interprets these proteins similarly as it does gluten and therefore launches an inflammatory response. I have been able to link SOME of my symptomatic experiences to these foods, and about 4 days ago decided to begin trying to eliminate these items. I am writing to ask if anyone has an insight/experience into this topic?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I am trying so hard to defeat this - and I won't stop until I find relief!!
  12. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had sucessful experiences with elimination diets to alleviate symptoms. I was diagnosed celiac in March and have been on a strict gluten-free diet ever since. Although many of my initial symptoms (anemia, vitamin/mineral deficiencies) have improved, one symptom seems to have gotten worse. I have constant edema that has gotten increasingly worse as time has gone on. I estimate 10+ lbs of fluid retention which results in severe swelling and joint pain. I do have cravings for certain foods -- coffee, peanut butter, from time-to-time, so I am wondering if I have developed intolerances and this is my body's way of reacting. I set out on an elimination diet Friday. This is my fourth day of the diet. By the end of Friday night I felt absolutely ILL. Like I had a head cold, my whole body felt like a ton of bricks. My joints ached. I was extremely fatigued. I woke up Saturday morning feeling similar and the pain lasted through Sunday. Sunday night I awoke in the middle of the night extremely THIRSTY. When I tried to go back to sleep I was achy, irritated and tired. I woke up feeling as though I had not rested. I am on day four (sticking to a very limited list of low allergenic foods) and I am wondering when I can expect to start feeling better and if what I'm going through is normal? It is so frustrating and tempting to try and give up!! Looking for anyone to relate...... Thanks
  13. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can relate/offer advice and knowledge on this issue.... About 7 months ago I started experiencing fatigue and edema/fluid retention. I was achy from time to time as well. The most bothersome symptom, however, was the edema. As time went on, the edema progressed, as well as the other symptoms. We discovered that I was severely anemic in January. My iron saturation was something like 3%. I started taking supplementation but in a month and a half saw very little improvement. My doctor ran endless blood tests and by default in March, discovered I had celiac disease. I tested positive for the blood antibodies. They performed an endoscopy and confirmed the diagnosis. Three months later, I had another blood work-up completed. My B-12, Vitamin D, Iron, and inflammation are now all in normal range. The fatigue has improved, however, the edema has actually WORSENED. It makes me achy. My legs swell up so much it makes it difficult to get my pants on some mornings, or my shoes. I have definitely noticed that it is dietary as I feel different after eating different things. I have messed around with countless elimination diets at this point and have seen temporary relief at points, but I still struggle. Truthfully, I haven't really stuck with any elimination diet for more than 5 days before I give up on it and decide to try something else. Currently, I am thinking of restorting to "fasting" for a few days to see if I feel better by completely removing everything from my system. After that, I am hoping to get back on what seems like the most trusted elimination diet for me (avocados, rice, sweet potatos, some fruits & veggies, olive oil) for a good month to see if I improve. I am wondering if anyone can relate/offer me any insight? Anyone know if there are common allergies that arise with celiac or gluten intolerance that cause these symptoms? Anyone experienced success with elimination diets and if so, what kinds? Did you experience withdrawel symptoms? Any and all advice is appreciated!! Thank you for reading
  14. i have been on a gluten free diet for 2 months and have yet to see improvement in my edema (swelling) all over the body. i noticed this morning that my shampoo may be the root of the problem? does anyone know if cosmetics could cause this type of reaction, even if they aren't ingested?
  15. Oh believe me! I've been tested for it all...since December they have taken 29 viles of blood from me. Edema was actually my intial complaint (before celiac was diagnosed). They have checked heart, liver, kidney, protein, etc...all fine. The only thing that seems to make sense is maybe that issue of malabsorption? Could you possibly elaborate further on your complications with malabsorption?? It sounds like this might be what I too am experiencing....drinking water makes me considerably more swollen..I have only been gluten free just over a month....do you think I need to further increase calories?? Or just give it time and maybe add more protein? Sorry for all the questions...just frustrated.