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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the helpful info. I actually went back and looked at the bloodwork for myself and my son. MMy DQ2 was a "partial positive" and my iron is low.. could I really have celiac? Also, I called my son's doc and obtained the copy of the biopsy which states "the villi are blunted 50% and there is spotty intraepithelial lymphocytosis whicy by itself would suggest celiac disease. Clinical correlation is required." So since his DQ2 and DQ8 are negative the GI diagnosed him with NOTHING!!! How can this be? Also I read that with CVID your symptoms will not improve on gluten-free diet and my son has improved greatly. Is this accurate? Thanks again!
  2. He was not gluten-free at the time of the testing. I tested positive to one of the gluten intolerant markers but neg for celiac and my biopsy was neg. I know it's from my side of the family though.. I have a celiac aunt. I have chronic bouts of diarrhea which lead to my biopsy but that was neg. I also have two other older siblings and I wonder about getting them tested. My oldest has chronic constipation, complains of stomach aches and in six year old lingo "burps into her mouth" which I suspect is acid reflux. So do you think the shortened villi is enough coupled with a positive response to the gluten-free diet is enough to diagnose? Also, what else can cause the blunting of the villi?
  3. I'll keep this short and sweet. My son had a biopsy (resulting from severe reflux) which showed blunted villi and lymphocytes however his blood tests were negative with the exception of low IGA and IGG. The GI said it was nothing to worry about and to resume a normal diet. Since going gluten-free my son has solid poops and is much happier. We are even weaning him off one of his reflux meds. The pediatrician diagnosed him with celiac and is sending me for a second opinion. My question is: what is a "positive biopsy"? What exactly does it show? I understand the bloodwork is not accurate in making a diagnosis but what does the biopsy have to show for it to be celiac? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I need some experienced opinions regarding my son. He is one and had an endoscopy due to severe reflux that two meds were not helping. He was born 5 weeks early and had colic, reflux and general irritability. He has never had a solid poop in his life. He was tested for food allergies at 6 months and came up positive to every food (fruit, veggie and grain) that I was feeding him - yes there was gluten in his cereal! The docs suspected EE and put him in a diet of only neonate for two and half months. His scope showed blunting of the villi with while blood cells (lymph-something) both consistent with celiac and his IGA was borderline low. The GI ordered bloodwork to check for Celiac and all the bloodwork came back negative. Therefore he concluded that he did NOT have celiac. My pediatrician and allergist both disagree and are diagnosing him with celiac and sending me to Childrens Hospital of Penn for a second opinion. Does this sound right? I do believe that my son has celiac as he has responded extremely well to the gluten-free diet and his reflux seems to be improving. I do not have celiac but have the genetic markers for gluten intolerance however my son does not. When I asked the GI what the biopsy means he didn't have an answer but it is not "normal". Am I on a wild goose chase to get the correct diagnosis? I understand it is very hard to diagnose this and my son is only one and has not had a lot of gluten so maybe that's why the bloodwork is neg? Any comments are welcome... I feel like this is my answer however I can't understand why the GI doc is not acknowledging it? Thanks!