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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have problems with sugar at the moment but as I continue with a gluten free diet it seems that I handle it better. I can't rule out the possibility of bacterial overgrowth though. Do you have any ideas on natural ways to treat it? For the moment I use ginger tea, raw garlic, coconut oil and probiotics as well as keeping sugar intake low.
  2. You could try lactose free dairy products. Butter and hard cheeses are lower in lactose anyway, so you could try using these sparingly. It may help you to invest in some digestive enzymes or a bottle of lactase. Probiotics are a good idea too. I have trouble with sugars at the moment and do have trouble with milk products although a few scoops of greek yogurt seem to be alright. Sometimes a splash of milk on oats. That said, there are plenty of alternatives, such as rice milk and almond milk, if you're mixing into hot drinks or onto gluten free grains. Best of luck!
  3. Hi, she was unclear about how much or little I should ingest. That was a bit of a warning sign. She also said: 'I want you to eat as normal'. It was the end of the year when I finally added up that it was wheat that was causing symptoms. In the new year- speaking as someone new to being gluten free- I think I did pretty well, even reintroduced dairy and enjoyed a fairly 'normal' life at points, although there were still foods that contained gluten I wasn't aware of. So the fact is, I was getting better, despite a few small hiccups and could not understand why I was not completely symptom free after over two months. Perhaps it was the sugars I thought and not the wheat since I was consuming food with breadcrumbs and not really having big problems. It was then I bought some large sausages, almost three weeks ago, and coincidentally I got very sick. Like I said, I've just got to the point where I can eat more regularly and not suffer straight after eating. I do seem to be getting better, albeit very slowly, and feel like I have gone backwards to the tune of nearly three months, but this time with even worse outcome. So, I hope you appreciate being told: 'I want you to get glutened every day for two weeks' made me feel (a) depressed ( scared © as though my life was over again, and that I would not recover from what she asked. That's my story... I choose to stay gluten free; I don't want to suffer everytime I eat and have my whole life revolve around food, but we all must eat. Best wishes.
  4. Yes, amen mushroom! Just looking at yours and Toms diagnosis list and I cannot fathom the depths of all the trouble you've faced over decades?! You didn't have the benefits of a gluten free section, or the labelling so you know exactly what to get and what to avoid. Some of the docs are looking in the wrong places. The answers are written on your brow and in your eyes. All we want is a little recognition sometimes. Thankyou!
  5. That sums it up ever so nicely Tom. I think the trouble when dealing with people is not feeling what they're going through. I'm just making the assumption she (the doc) has no clue what it feels like day after day, but you seem to. Perhaps some people need to suffer so we have compassion for one another. If (health)care is based upon suffering it must be sensitive to it. I'm so glad I haven't followed the docs instructions. Feeling a bit better today, so I must be treating my body right. There's no way I'm going to double check... once bitten, twice shy.
  6. You're right, what are the docs going to do even if the test comes out negative? If what you said is right, then I'll just make myself much sicker, and end up with negative test results anyway. It isn't worth it. Thanks!
  7. Exactly, it seems like an insane request doesn't it. I'm not 100% but too big a coincidence that I went seriously downhill on a high gluten week, right?
  8. About two weeks ago I decided that just maybe wheat wasn't that much of a problem and bought some big sausages from the market. Roll onto today and I'm back to the point where I actually feel hungry and able to eat again. I went to visit the gastroenterologist today and what she wants me to do is to eat gluten for the next two weeks everyday without being clear about how much (splash of soy sauce or a big pie?). I asked what if my symptoms got worse and she said 'then stop'. My insides already feel very damaged and I'm sore after eating and usually have recurring aches hours after the food has gone from my system. My fear is that by following the instructions of the doctor, I'll do even worse damage and be back where I was two weeks ago, have to relive the whole nightmare again as if it isn't already bad enough right now after two weeks, feeling like I will never heal. Clearly I'm ordered to eat gluten to get properly tested and yet, if my symptoms return and I have to stop, then I will have messed myself up for nothing. I've also read that the antibodies that are produced in reaction to gluten proteins hang around for quite some time. I mean couldn't I just eat a big cream cake about three days before to be sure instead of trying out a small amount starting now (but potentially getting extremely sick for days)? I don't know how to proceed. The conflicting instructions are making my head spin and i don't want to do something which I'm already pretty sure is going to screw me up anyway, just to later confirm it on paper. I don't want to suffer this gnawing feeling in my gut anymore, and definitely don't want to make it worse than it already feels. What can I do?