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  1. Hey guys! So i've recently started posting in here, and am enjoying it. I have nearly all symptoms of celiac disease, but have been refused by doctors to be tested. I have developed a rash just a day after my last doctor visit, and want to show it to him, but want to be fairly certain its DH first.. But, unlike most descriptions, I find my rash is very spread apart around my body. Mostly I have groups of two, about every six inches on my body. For example, two on my neck, about three on my chest, maybe about six on my stomach. They're scabby, patchy, and only itchy if my clothes are rubbing on them or if i've started scratching that area... So i feel like it doesn't match DH description Although, in my groin region, the description matches a lot more closely. They're very close together, alot more itchy than the rest of my body. This pic is not me!!! I am female!!!!! But i found this in another post and its like my rash's twin.... (Warning Male Anatomy!) http://dermis.multimedica.de/dermisroot/en/1269289/image.htm Sooo, in my own head, can i sort of confirm i have HD? and am most likely celiac? its been SOOO frustrating having all the sickness but being told I dont have it from my doctor, so in my own head i just really want to confirm this and gain some sense of whats going on. Thanks!!!
  2. Hello! I've been having these following issues for months now, but my doctor believes that I could not possibly have celiac disease. Obvious symptoms: - Diahrrea and constipation - Smelly stool - Bloating (and lots of it!) - blood on toliet paper from rectum (scary, i know its not celiac related..) - General discomfort - Some days having complete loss of hunger/apetite The less obvious symptoms i have that I only found out were related to celiac after research: - VERY sensitive teeth (i heard its only in the young, and im under 18 btw dont know if that means young) - Legs falling asleep ALL THE TIME - Fatigue - Possible DH - Looking at pictures on the internet, my rash is no where near as severe. I have the small, red dots all over my body. Larger patches are on buttocks, and groin region, especially between legs (quite unpleasant) but for the ones around my body, they are very spaced out, and not close together like i see in the pictures. For example, theres two close on my neck, then some on the back of the neck, then about three dots on my chest... not really 'rashy', and they are itchy but not as severe as i've heard them being described One thing though is, I haven't lost much weight. I'm about the same as I've always been, but I just look bigger with my insane bloating Also, some days i feel alright. Like now and then i'll have a full meal, and ill be ok. The only really, really relevant symptoms which are always constant is the bloating, and constipation/diahrea Ok so even with these things, my doctor ruled out celiac and had me do the barium test to search for an ulcer, which i did not have. Does it sound like celiac to you guys?
  3. For months now I have noticed after eating almost anything (most my meals contain some sort of wheat) i had digestion discomfort, but I ignored that. Then maybe about three months ago I started having blood appear in my stool, in the toilet's water, and on the toilet paper and having painful bowel movments. It was off and on, so i just sort of ignored it. I also started getting rashes on my face and neck. My face cleared up after about three days but my neck still has noticable bumps after maybe a week. Then yesterday, I only nibbled on three things. two pieces of toast, a green onion cake, some protein bar. Then, when trying to sleep I felt a lot of discomfort. I was passing a lot of gas and cramping up, there was also knotting sensations. I thought maybe I was just hungry (stupid lol i know) and I ate a bun. I still couldn't sleep, and usually to fix this i eat more. So i ate half of a baked potatoe with butter at 4 am. I managed to sleep but woke up in agony. This whole day i've suffered from cramps that come and go every ten minutes or so, and they are painful. I have also been farting and my usually thin stomach is really bloated. I think I had atleased 6 different bowel movments, all in which they were not normally colored or textured. They were more grey, dull browns, and near black. Before I go to the doctor's I want to make sure I have this disease. After my last bowel movment, I felt better. Then, I accidentally just ate a bunch of triscuits, thinking they were gluten free. So i am expecting some pain. What sort of pain should I expect from eating maybe like 20 triscuits? Also, the main reason I am not convinced I have this disease is because there have been times where i've ate alot of bread and didn't feel too bad. As I mentioned before, after eating anything, i usually feel really queasy. So i'm not sure if I have celiac, or maybe I just have some constipation. I am also quite young if that helps your opinion. Thanks!! <3