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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My appointment is in August (as I'll be on vacation from this coming Monday til then), but when I get the results, I'll be sure to let you guys know celiac3270 has a point, about the MREs....I never even thought about that, but it's true. Erghh....at first, I thought, 'yes! now I might know exactly what my problems are, and can counter them', but now I'm worried about that army situation. It's nice to know that the tests are only blood tests phew! I worked my arse off at school to get the grades needed for RMC (they don't want dumb officers, that's for sure!), and they require all very high marks. My friends have dubbed me 'Lieutenant', for everyone knows how crazy I am for the military and my future officer training. However, if those plans don't work out, I"ll pursue my interests in archaeology - which I plan to do anyways, after ten years or so in the army. Buuuut that means I"ll have to pay for my education, whereas a huge bonus of RMC is that, provided one is accepted, one doesn't have to pay for the schooling (ouch). Thanks for the thoughts! I wasn't expecting so many replies...it's nice! {{{{hugs}}}}
  2. I forgot to mention that in addition to the previous symptoms I described, I also have joint problems, particularily my knees and hips, but also my elbows and wrists. I haven't had it diagnosed (as I refuse to go to the doctor unless I'm dying - or might have Celiac), so I'm now sure what the exact problem is. It could be lack of calcium, as I don't drink much milk, or something similar. I do many sports, so this joint thing is rather annoying. After my match last night (sparring, boxing), my fingers were so painful I couldn't move them (all swollen up), and my hip began acting up again. Thanks, again.
  3. Thanks for your quick replies I've just booked an appointment, and I'm wondering - is the test simply a blood test? I've got this paranoia about hospitals, from past experiences (I've had four surgeries, and I'm allergic to the general anesthetic they gave me, and they've also tried to figure out my problems before in unpleasant ways). I don't mind a blood test ( I've certainly had my share), but is there anything else involved, besides the diet? Oh - and about the military, I'm Canadian, so I don't know it the rules are the same. BUt now you've got me wondering....and worried. It's been my lifelong dream to be in the armed forces, and if I do have Celiac, I wouldn't want those dreams to be crushed. Thanks again for your help It's really appreciated.
  4. I have had intestinal problems for my entire life. I have been told that I am lactose intolerant and have IBS, which are plausible, but while reading a magazine article I started to get an itch about this celiac business. I get sick rather easily, from both certain foods and from certain emotions. For example, whenever I go on a flight somewhere, or am about to go somewhere, I get violently sick, and end up writhing in the bathroom for hours on end. I've been told these are symptoms of IBS. However, when I read the effects that Celiac had on the lady in the article I read, I thought, "Hey, that sounds really familiar". Some of her symptoms were migraines (which I have also have for years), stomach cramps (duh), and diarrhea. These have all been plaguing be throughout my life, and I'm sure many of you here know the discomfort of being sick in a public bathroom Anyways, I was wondering how I can be sure of what I truly do have - I can't stop it without knowing exactly what it is. I am female, and just graduated this year. Next year, I plan on taking basic training and joining the Royal Military COllege of Canada - and, as you all can guess, I really don't want my problems to follow me to the field. Thanks for you time.