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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh my gosh, wow. That's ridiculous. That has me wondering since I was mailed the results of a thyroid stimulating hormone and basic metabolic panel (both normal), but obviously not the celiac panel, and I had to call to get those results. I did leave a voicemail for the assistant requesting that she mail me the specific details of the result so hopefully I get those soon. The NP I saw (maybe a mistake to have seen a NP but I heard such great things about her helpfulness when it came to more untraditional methods of healing) mostly dismissed me having celiac since I didn't have frequent diarrhea or constipation, but she said she would run the test so I could know for sure. I'll really be irritated if in fact she didn't order the celiac panel as I am definitely NOT wanting to go through withdrawals again or put off feeling better any longer!!
  2. Well they finally called me and left a voicemail this morning saying that my celiac panel is negative... However I've been gluten free since the 18th and after some miserable withdrawal days I think I'm finally starting to feel a little better, so I think I must have some sort of sensitivity. What I was wondering is, and pardon my ignorance, but shouldn't there be different levels of things that could maybe be interpreted better by more of a specialist instead of just getting a negative or positive answer? Should I call back and request that they send me those details? Thanks. :-)
  3. Thanks for the responses! I went in yesterday for a celiac panel, so hopefully I'll have those results back by the end of this week. As of today, I am going gluten free. Whew. It's gonna be tough, but I am SO ready to change my life. Thanks again for all the thoughts and suggestions, I truly appreciate it.
  4. I said that because I was entirely dairy free for almost 6 months and when I started to add a little back in I saw no difference. But you're right, I should just eliminate it completely again with gluten to be sure. Yes, I take all of those supplements. I've been hearing things about the possibility of B12 deficiencies also lending a hand to brain fog though, so I am going to be adding that in to my daily supplements too. No, I have never had a thyroid panel done but I will look into it more. I think I am going to have to try out the gluten free diet before getting tested... I am just a poor college student and I am assuming celiac panels are not covered by insurance? And anyways, if I'm feeling better after a few weeks of being gluten-free it must be working right? Regardless if I'm positive for celiac or not I'd want to stay on the diet that makes me feel better. Thank you everyone for your responses. I am definitely going to look more into things that you suggested and I am encouraged that maybe by eliminating gluten I will start to feel better!
  5. Hello everyone, The past 5-6 years I have been struggling greatly with awful depression, anxiety, ADD and inability to learn new things. My self esteem has plummeted to an all time low, which is saying something considering my highschool years. I have been in college for a few years now, and while my first couple of years went pretty great since I took very easy classes that mostly required logic or english, which is something that I'm usually good at, I am now having immense struggles keeping my grades up because it is just impossible for me to remember what I need to. I've even failed a couple harder classes, I just simply could not keep up with the reading and the memorization. For a couple years now I've just been thinking it was my intelligence, that I was cursed with a much lower IQ than my peers and that's why everything is so much harder. In my desperation I have been researching all I can to find out why this is happening. My mom has a gluten sensitivity, although most of her symptoms were physical ones, but she inspired me to look into the possibility of me also having a gluten sensitivity. I think maybe this could be causing some of my problems. I plan to go gluten (and mostly if not all dairy) free in a couple weeks when I have some extra money for gluten free grocery shopping. Below I have listed some of my everyday difficulties... Can anyone with a gluten sensitivity relate? While cooking I'll read an ingredient from the recipe, walk to the cupboard to get it and by the time I'm there I've forgotten what I'm looking for Stopped watching movies because 20 minutes into it I'm already lost because I can't remember what has happened Dislike speaking to anyone I'm not close with since I often have to struggle for the right words or the pronunciation of words. I have to really think hard to form responses. Am absolutely terrified of public speaking as a result. I have also avoided interacting with new people for a few years, the few friends I have I have only gained because I was somehow 'forced' to spend time with them. Am always tired, could literally take a nap every 2 hours that I'm awake Have to reread paragraphs in textbooks at LEAST twice, often up to 4 or 5 times before the info sinks in. But by the next page it is gone. Will look at the time and 2 minutes later have to look again because I have forgotten what it was Overwhelming anxiety comes on quickly and without warning, so bad sometimes I throw up Dislike driving; completely avoid left turns because I'm afraid I won't be paying enough attention and oncoming traffic will hit me; dislike 4 way stops, hard for me to remember when it's my turn Often feel shaky, light headed, and my heart beats quickly I have been diagnosed with ADD and anxiety (I understand that instead it could just be a food sensitivity) and have been on Adderall and various depression/anxiety medications for the past few years (depression medication since I was in high school and had SEVERE depression which landed me in an ambulance/72 hour psych ward stay after an overdose) , which worked great the first year, but has lost it's effectiveness. I am definitely addicted to gluten products. In fact, growing up I ate WAY more gluten than anything else, my mom wasn't a big meat eater/cooker, and I probably only ate the recommended amount of protein once a month or so. Now it's probably a couple times a week that I eat enough protein, due to the fact that my fiance is a big meat eater. But I literally used to only eat carbs day in and day out, with lots of dairy products. I have recently discovered I have a dairy sensitivity that has been causing most of my near constant headaches. I can handle limited dairy, say a bit of shredded cheese and sour cream on tacos, but if I eat more than that in one day I have bad stomachaches and headaches for the next day. Can anyone give me some insight please? I'm so, so desperate. I am returning to school this fall after a year off and will do anything I can to make my last couple of years easier and to get better grades. Thank you so much in advance!!! --Sara