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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sorry for the typos! My fingers are too big for the iPhone keyboard /:
  2. Just last night since being gluten-free for a couple of weeks, I was telling DH how much better I feel!! Today I got some beef jerky but they were out of my regular kind do I bought teriyaki not even thinking about it... Sure enough after I ate half of the bag it occurred to me that I hadn't checked the ingredients and there it was(from the soy sauce) I wanted to kick myself! I read up online a but and picked up some digestive enzymes so am taking those... Anything else (aside from Drinking lots of water) I should do? I just don't want to feel crappy all weekend ):
  3. Yikes! I will be watching this closely b/c I want my sons tested too... Sorry I don't know of any for you.
  4. I second the idiot doc comment (: mine was clear that it is very specific to celiac and that it wouldn't be caused by anything else...
  5. Thanks for the replies! I saw my PCP this morning who referred me on to my regular endocrinologist.... PCP thinks early celiac as well... she says since I don't want a biopsy ( for exactly the same reasons you listed) that the eat thing now is to go gluten-free and see if my symptoms improve....she even checked all of my meds to make sure there weren't any with hidden gluten..... So here I go!
  6. Oh I see... That's if they happen to get a spot from the biopsy that is affected by celiac disease right? (: from what I read it is patchy? Interestingly last night I had to work a fundraiser at school where we were rolling dough out and using flour too and my hands flared up (red knuckles and itching). also I started coughing a lot... I told my Mom who reminded me that when I was a teenager & worked at a pizza place, while making dough I would have the same reaction! Spuds like some allergic process... I am thinking that I will have my PCP refer me to a specialist today....
  7. Ps... Crazy autocorrect! Lol Emmanuel immunologist was supposed to say an immunologist...
  8. It sure does! Thanks (: I am thinking that my low-ish total IGA could be the reason for the negative ttg-IGA... ? I would like to see emanuel immunologist perhaps to explain exactly what is going in my body... I can't think of anything else it could be ( and I have googled til my fingers hurt-lol) and I just want confirmation.... If it is early stages of celiac wodbt a biopsy be negative anyway? I am feeling pretty depressed about it... Just overwhelmed... At first I was hoping it was positive so I wod have an answer to my feeling so yucky...now I wish the other way ):
  9. Also I went thru and re-read the whole thread... Somehow I didn't read some of the responses as thoroughly as I should have! Sorry for the reposts.... I am definitely in denial a bit... ): 3 autoimmune diseases now and a kid in the spectrum...oy! What is next!? ):
  10. Skylark- Now I see these but for some reason didn't get any alerts that I had replies ): Anyway my original labs: TTG Antibody, IGA: <3 (in range) Immunoglobulin A: 106 (but much lower than average adult numbers- just not low enough to be deficient) DGP-IGA: >100 (high) Newer Labs- EMA-IGA- Negative TTG-IGG <3 (<7 normal) DGP-IGG 16 (<20 is "normal") So the only lab I have that was abnormal was the DGP-IGA. And it was really high! The nurse from my PCP's office called to tell me these results and then said "so do you still want to keep your appointment this week since these were negative?" Uh...yes! I am seeing my PCP tomorrow but fear that she will be just as confused as I am...Just wanting to make sure it is indeed celiac and I don't want an endo...I have no problem going gluten-free if I need to just want to make sure there isn't something else that could cause such an elevated DGP-IGA? Maybe I am slightly in denial? )"
  11. ): I feel so much the same!! I am definitely mourning the change....
  12. Not to hijack the thread but skylark you seem so knowledgable about the labs... Why would my DGP-IGA be over 100 but my DGP-IGG be negative (16)? Any ideas?
  13. Well the IgA test I had (ttg)was negative but the DGP-IgA was positive at >100. Just got my IgG results back- both negative with the ttg <3 and the DGP-IgG at 16. I am so confused! Still waiting on the EMA-IgA results... Thoughts???? Please explain these to me! Thanks in advance! Cari
  14. Iga Numbers?

    Total IgA being high probably doesn't mean Celiac....but I am not well versed on the differences between kids/ adults IgA... Mine was only 106 which according to the reference range from the lab was "normal" but most info out there says the average adult is around 200.... So my pcp dis some more labs (my ttg-iga was begative but my deamidated gliadin -IgA wa over 100 so very positive) While lookinf for my own answers, I found this chart in the reference ranges for kids: Table. IgA Reference Ranges in Children and Adults Age mg/dL Cord blood 1-3 1 mo 2-43 2-5 mo 3-66 6-9 mo 7-66 10-12 mo 12-75 1-3 y 24-121 4-6 y 33-235 7-9 y 41-368 10-11 y 64-246 12-13 y 70-432 14-15 y 57-300 ≥16 y 81-463
  15. I just got mine back and had the same high lab as you- mine was >100. /: I am assuming from what I've been reading that it is some sort of immune response to gluten...just not sure of the nature (celiac disease or not). I requested some more tests and my NP obliged so I had the IgG labs drawn today...my total IgA was only 106- "normal" by the labs but compared to average adults it is low so I thought I'd better get the IgG labs too...thanks in part to the other members who suggested that (: I guess I am of no real help b/c I am still trying to figure out exactly what it means too...(; Nice to know you aren't along though, huh? Do you have a follow up appt soon?