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  1. Hello Peeps, One of my most noticeable symptoms during my time with undiagnosed celiac was memory loss. It was mostly an issue with remembering faces. I am happy to say that being gluten free has restored my memory, and removed the social anxiety that comes with not remembering people you've know for years. I'm wondering what is the root cause of the neuro issues with celiac...Is it the auto-immune response attacking the brain or is it malnutrition from malabsorption that leads to the brain issues. Anyone know?
  2. This is my first post on the forum. I am happy to say that within a week of going gluten free my ADD symptoms disappeared. I'd been dealing with many of the ADD issues since childhood, and into my 40's. I always struggled with names, faces, reading fiction, impulsive behavior, etc. I had a substantial personality change after dropping the gluten, all positive changes too.