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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Had my HIDA Scan on Monday. My GB is working at 95%!!! I was shocked as the pain I have is very real and very uncomfortable as is the nausea. Having a small bowel study done Friday. I only get the GB symptoms when we eat out. I don't think I've ever had an episode from eating at home. I'm personally convinced that when I get glutened it mimics GB symptoms. Makes me want to never eat out again except at totally gluten free establishments.
  2. Thanks Bubba's Mom. I will talk to my GI doc tomorrow about running this test.
  3. I'm reading with much interest the comments about Gallbladder and gluten. Starting last September I was having so much nausea and pain in my right rib area that my GI doctor thought it was gallbladder. November ultrasound and blood tests showed negative. January colonoscopy and endoscopy showed negative. Pain continued. Instead of rushing into surgery or doing costly tests he suggested I try going gluten free and see if that helped the symptoms. Within 3 days I was pain and nausea free. However, I notice that the symptoms return if I've been exposed to gluten, or at least I'm guessing it's gluten as it usually follows eating somewhere other than home. The symptoms last a couple of days and then I'm good again. 2 weeks ago I had an attack that lasted 8 days. Doc ordered stat Ultrasound and bloodwork which all came back negative. Having another attack for last 2 days. This time doc put me on 4 pills a day of prilosec. Seemed to get better until I ate scrambled eggs this morning, now experiencing some mild nausea and rib jabs. Could this pain be related to gluten and/or a food allergy? I like my GI doc and he's willing to explore all options with me. He's thinking of doing a HIDA scan but wants me to be in an attack since he feels if I'm not it will show negative. No I haven't been biopsied or blood tested for celiac or gluten sensitivity. Between the time he decided to have me go gluten free and my follow up visit with him 6 weeks had passed and he said it was too late to run those tests. We are going strictly on symptoms. And I will say other things that were going on with my body and brain are much better or gone since going gluten-free. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
  4. Grits, Eggs, And Bacon For Breakfast!

    I went to Cracker barrel on March 31. When I asked what was gluten free the manager came to our table and handed me a gluten-free "menu". This menu also contains information about Soy, fish, shellfish, treenut, and peanut allergens. This is what it states for Gluten: "Wheat (Gluetens) Allergen: The following foods can be recommended for guests who are allergic to wheat. eggs BBQ Pulled Pork Side Items: Apple Sauce, Carrots, Cole Slaw, Corn, Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Turnip Greens Tossed Salad and House Salad or Country Chef Salad (without Croutons) All Salad dressings are Wheat (Gluten) free ***All fried items should be avoided due to cross-contamination from the cooking oil*** ***All grilled items should be avoided due to cross-contamination from the grill surface*** Biscuits and Dumplins are made from scratch all day in an open kitchen so the potential for cross-contatmination of wheat glutens is very high and we cannot guarantee a meal will be completely gluten free." I had the pulled pork, applesauce and cole slaw and did just fine.