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  1. It's a relief to hear that I'm not the only one. I have been on the diet since the end of Feb. and still feeling terrible. I am learning that I can't trust labels as much as I thought I could. I had been eating Jif Natural peanut butter and finally emailed the company only to find out it's not "safe" for celiacs because of cross contamination. What makes the whole thing so hard is the mass amounts of "gluten free" labeling and websites making sweeping statements like "all nut butters" are "safe" or "the good news is......celiacs can have _____________" (insert food or drink that could be cross contaminated. And this news from the FDA in March tells me I can't have whiskey. Sooo sad. I can't imagine how hard it was even a year ago when we knew even less about this disease. I'm afraid I will be left eating only fruits and vegetables, which I like, but I am SO hungry!! Really wish more companies would get the gluten-free certification.
  2. I was diagnosed less than a month ago and I am so uncomfortable trying to explain Celiac because cross-contamination automatically makes you sound like you have OCD even though it's completely valid. I hate thinking (worrying) about it all the time because I feel so sick and feeling like everyone is sick of hearing about it. Yuck. I'm glad you posted about this. I feel less alone.