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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am 21 years old and have had stomach issues since I was about 15. I have been tested for alot (but not Celiac) and my doctors have basically summed it to IBS. They diagnosed me as lactose intolerant, and said that I cause my own stomach aches through stress. I've learned to ignore my stomach pains, they're second nature to me at this point. But after reading more and more about celiac (after a friend was recently diagnosed) I think I have it. SO many of the symptoms match what is going on with me, even some really bizarre things that I simply dismissed. Here's what's going on: -Stomach pain -Ridiculous bloating (I look like I'm pregnant with twins) -Constipation/diarrhea (basically the most inconsisent bowel movements ever) -Lactose intolerance -Nausea -Joint pain -Bruising easily -Dental enamel defects/discoloration -Depression -Fatigue -Hypoglycemia -Irritable (I am generally a very happy person but I have become extremely irratible, very out of character) -Irregular period (went away for almost a year, put on meds to regulte it, again the doctors could not explain why this was happening) -Gas (24/7) I am very frustrated with my doctors, as they don't seem to see that I am not okay. They dismiss everything as "just the way my body is". The more I read about celiac, the more convinced I am I have it. I just wanted other opinions, I suppose. I want to feel better, and it seems like my symptoms are only worsening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm sorry of using this board as a rant, but I need to vent and my family is sick of listening to me. I have 2 days to go till I go to my Dr. to find out the result of my bloodtest. I'm miserable....I have no energy and no interest in anything. I've been sick for so long, I don't even remember what "normal" feels like. I just want to feel better. I pray my doctor diagnoses me with something... anything.... (although I am fully convinced I have celiac) Once again- sorry for the rant, but this group is so supportive!
  3. Worsening Symptoms

    Thanks for responding! Kati- No I do not know what tests he did, but he said he was doing "every test possible" (and he sure took enough blood) I'll post when I get the results
  4. I posted about a month ago wondering if I had celiac disease. I have been to a doctor since then, and am going back in 4 days to get the results of my blood test. He put me on a lactose free diet in the meantime, but that doesn't seem to be helping. My symptoms are spiraling out of control rapidly. I can barely eat anything without feeling so sick to the point that I have to lie down. My parents are yelling at me to eat, but honestly I can't. The only meal I can manage is breakfast, because I feel decent when I wake up. It's all downhill from there. My question is: can symptoms worsen in a matter of several weeks, like they have for me? I've lost 5 lbs this week because I can barely eat! Thanks!
  5. Teen With Possible Cd

    Thank you! I will definately be tested!
  6. I am 17 years old, and have been miserable lately (health wise). My Mom suggested that I research Celiac Disease, to see what the symptoms were. I am shocked at how many I have (I found this list on a website, let me know if any are not true symptoms)- fatigue, weakness, diziness, headaches, muscle pains, irritability, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea, and my period went MIA for about 6 months till my doctor put me on the pill. Do you think I should get checked for it? There are so many diseases out there...but I have the most symptoms of celiac disease. (although lactose intolerance comes in for a close second) I just want to feel better!! Thanks! Erin