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  1. I was wondering how anyone know if Frito's original bean is gluten free.. Or if it can be contaminated with gluten during the process? Has anyone had symptoms from eating their bean dip.. I have been eating it my whole life, and around the time I found out about the possiblity of celiac (extremely sensitive to gluten). I found out that I also have gerd...Just thought I'd ask, before I possibly go experiment and see what happens... Thanks =)
  2. I might have to try chick-fil-a fries to see if i get a bad reaction.. Before I had to cut all the gluten out, I would have to go to chick-fil-a at least once a week.. My all time FAVORITE!!! I have had their grilled chicken nuggets, and it was cross contaminated...so if I go in to eat, I will have to try the fries or have special instructions for cooking the chicken strips to see if that helps any..i have ate out twice since going gluten-free...the other time was fries from del taco and cross contaminated as well.