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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know soda is bad but it was my treat since I don't drink coffee. I've been gluten-free for almost 2 years now and was still getting all the tummy problems every day. I would drink a regular Coke every day with my lunch and within an hour the problems would start. I just found out that caramel color is in all soda products and it can come from barley - does anyone else react to Coke or soda?? Thanks
  2. Since I recently broke out with DH my doctor recommended Cetaphil but I was just reading about Exederm online and it has fewer ingredients, which I like. I was wondering if anyone has used Exederm or if both are good?? I'm looking to get the body wash and lotions. Thanks for your help
  3. First Time For Rash...

    Thanks for the reply.....I have never had e rash before so I had no idea it just appears lol. I'll check out the low idioms diet too
  4. Hello all - I haven't been on here much but I broke out in a bad, itchy, painful rash 2 nights ago. I have had every symptom of Celiac but DH. I always thought I was so lucky to not have DH. My rash is on my sides and stomach area....at first I thought it was shingles. I went to the doctor and he said it looks like an allergic reaction. I did cheat on my gluten-free diet a few weeks ago (got really sick from it at that point) and now this weird rash. Has anyone else developed DH or a rash after being gluten-free for a while and never had a rash before?? Thanks for any help
  5. Hang in there....everyone is different. I agree that it is like a roller coaster. There is a ton of info here and I'm learning a lot from everyone! For me, the first month was the worst. I had really bad withdrawal headaches, moodiness, joint pains, tummy gurgling...it's like all the symptoms hit at once and bad too! It's only been a few months of gluten-free for me but I have already noticed some difference. I know it does take a while sometimes but with already noticing a difference I am hopeful Good luck and hope you feel better quick!
  6. Hi there.... I'm a newbie here so I can't add too much but I'm always reading and am learning a ton from other posts. I don't have the food allergies like you do, but I have been completely gluten-free for about 5 weeks now. The first 2 weeks were the worst for me...everyone is different though. I had really bad withdrawal symptoms....bad headaches and moodiness...lol. For me, about the 4th week I really started to notice a big difference in my tummy issues. I no longer had the pain, gassy feeling or poop issues. Stick with it....it really does make a difference. It is hard adjusting and it must be really hard with all your food allergies! Keep posting and I'm sure the veterans will offer some great advice too Theresa
  7. Skincare

    Hi there.... I've been using Arbonne (you can buy it on-line through a consultant) since Jan 2012. I just started eating gluten-free last month. But funny story....my Mom said how much better my skin looked since using Arbonne and then I asked my friend who told me about it and sure enough it's gluten-free as well. Not sure if the product being gluten-free has anything to do with my improved skin or just the good product itself. Check them out on-line....if you are interested and think you might buy a lot from them you can sign up as a 'preferred client' and then get 20% off....that's what I did Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. Hang in there....I've only been gluten-free for about a month now but I had the horrible moodiness too!! I kept thinking to myself.....what the heck is wrong with my...lol. I had horrible headaches and mood swings with the withdrawals but I know it affects everyone different. Hopefully they go away soon
  9. Gluten Withdrawals

    Thanks for your replies! I have not had an endoscopy and just the few weeks on the diet and feeling a little better already is good enough for me! I'm fine knowing I have a gluten intolerance and staying on a gluten-free diet. Just the improvement in the tummy issues already is great....I'll have a day with great energy and then the next day no energy at all. I know it will take a few months probably to really feel better and I keep telling myself that when I want my pasta....I'm Italian so that's prob been the hardest...lol. Thanks again....looking forward to getting to know everyone on here
  10. Hi Everyone.... I'm new here and my first post - need your advice I've been gluten-free for about 3 weeks now per Doctor's orders. (Blood work was neg for celiac but he said I probably have a gluten intolerance). I've been having horrible headaches, joint pain is back, fatigue and mood swings. I talked with a friend who is gluten-free and she said she had headaches too from the gluten withdrawals. She said to drink lots of water to get the toxins out of my system. My tummy issues are finally starting to improve after years of feeling bad so I know the gluten-free diet is helping somewhat already. I did eat bread and pasta one night because I forgot my special food....lol. But about 3 hours later horrible stomach pain, multiple trips to the bathroom and headache next day. After going through that I'm determined to stay gluten-free for a while to see if it really does make a difference. Anyone else go through this - any advice?? I know everyone's body is different but any general advice would be great to deal with the withdrawals. Thanks, Theresa