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  1. I have had strong symptoms of Celiacs for approximately 3 years; and growing up I have always been extremely pale, with sensitive skin (and no allergies) bruise/get nosebleeds easy, lethargy etc. The problem, is that if anything I have gained a fair amout of weight since the age o 18 (I am now 24). I have had my blood done twice and have been negative both times (but in the higher range). Is this common? Both my sister and grandfather are Celiacs who definitely experienced weight loss prior to diagnosis. I am currently in the early days of a 1 month Gluten Free diet to test myself prior to scheduling a biopsy per my doctor's request as she does not want to perform an intrusive procedure until we are more certain. Are there lots of other Celiacs out there who experienced no weight loss? Doctors in the past just brushed me off as this is one of the biggest symptoms.