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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well the doctor said it's not celiac. I'm infected with c. difficile bacteria. I thought you'd want to know
  2. Well, I just got back from my endoscopy and colonoscopy. The doc found that I have chronic gastritis and 4 colon polyps which he thinks are benign. The freaking doctor gave my fiance instructions to just "continue taking the ppi, continue with what she's been doing and see if she gets better and follow up in 2 weeks". Um, I've been doing the same thing for a month! Bland foods, no alcohol, no caffeine, no NSAIDS, no stress (haven't been able to work) - in a MONTH, and have been on the prescription strength ppi for 3 weeks already. There must be something else going on! And I'm even more ticked off that I don't think he actually biopsied the right area for celiac, just the stomach lining, and the paperwork just says that the "examination of the duodenum was normal". I'm so upset!! I'm going to call them Monday and insist they see me sooner. They haven't even talked to me about the results of my blood tests, 24 hour urine, or stool tests yet (and from what I read on here I plan to request copies of all these tests to look at them for myself).
  3. I also really appreciate your reply. Being this sick this young makes everyone think it must be "in your head" or something. So having this validation really helps I've just found it so eye opening as I've read all the symptoms of celiac and read everyone's experiences on the boards. It's just remarkable to me that basically everything that's been wrong with me for the last few years might be explained by this (yet it hasn't been mentioned once by a doctor). It would be such a relief to get a handle on it. Anyway, I'll keep you posted about how it goes Monday! Thanks!
  4. Thank you, I will definitely ask for all those tests!! I appreciate you detailing it out. I've been reading so many of these posts over the last few days and have seen how people have been misdiagnosed. It's such a shame. I'm just bracing myself. And I do indeed plan to go gluten free if these doctor's don't come up with some answers that make me feel better (but am eating gluten presently, and probably mostly gluten because I'm eating bland - so bread, pasta, crackers, etc.).
  5. My pancreas actually came back looking normal. Just my liver was a little wonky (but that said that the slightly fatty liver isn't all that abnormal either). I also take two quality refrigerated probiotics a day (have done so since 2008 when I had post-surgical digestive complications after having a dermoid cyst removed with 75% of one of my ovaries). I have digestive enzymes and could start taking them to see if it makes any difference though, thanks for the suggestion.
  6. A few more things I forgot to add: Broken my arm 6 times in my life for unremarkable events. Had a lot of stomach aches as a child. I was diagnosed with IBS at 18 due to severe stomach cramping (but it eventually went away). I've started to get migraines in the past year. I also was never allergic to anything as a child and am now allergic to shellfish, penicillin, zythromyacin, and really bad seasonal allergies that last all year.
  7. I've been having some pretty severe medical issues since 2004 when I was 27. In 2004 I started to come down with bizarre symptoms the doctors couldn't figure out including flu like symptoms, fevers, swollen toes, mouth ulcers, and general achiness. I finally was sent to a rheumetologist who diagnosed me with Bechet's disease. Well about 3 months later I moved for graduate school so had to find a new rheumetologist. The new guy said he didn't think it was Bechet's disease, but instead thought it was either Reactive arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. He's settled on psoriatic arthritis (although I only get small dime size spots on my left foot of what may be psoriasis). The symptoms have been going up and down for years, sometimes better, sometimes worse, with little rhyme or reason. In 2010 I broke a toe by accidentally stubbing it against a chair. Had blood tests done and I was super low on vitamin D and am still taking 2000 IU's a day to supplement (and I generally take a lot of vitamins - B complex, multivitamin, D supplement, fish oil, and glucosamine/condritin). It took two months for the toe to heal. Last summer I developed a rash across my entire stomach. I've changed soaps, gone fragrance free, etc. - no help. It persists. But my doctor doesn't seem even slightly concerned about it (it's astonishing all the things that they'll just chalk up to autoimmune issues). Last November I had walking pneumonia for almost a month - three bouts of antibiotics before I was finally better. Then about 4 weeks ago I started to develop daily nausea. I did the pregnancy test route, which were negative. By the next week it developed into nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, gassiness (both burping and flatulence), indigestion/heart burn, and beige stools. My doc thought it was a stomach bug initially because my white blood cells were "slightly elevated" on the blood tests. She also send me for an ultrasound last week of my gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, and right kidney. The results were normal except for a slightly fatty liver (no gallstones, no kidney infection). She now thinks it's likely an ulcer due to NSAID use (which I've been off of for 4 weeks, bland diet, no alcohol or caffeine either). The h. pylori test she gave me came back negative too. So now she's got me on prescription strength priolesec now for 4 days without any relief. Anyway, I continue to feel this wringing pain in my stomach daily. The initial heart burn has gone away. But I'm left with a constant achy pain in my stomach right below my breast bone that continues about half way down to my belly button. It's so bad that I can't even bear a bra or a cami with a built in bra - it makes me throw up. I'm alternating between diarrhea and constipation now. And I continue to have nausea on and off. I also continue to have copious amounts of gas and beige stools. I'm at my wits end. I've been out of work for 2 weeks with this pain (it's painful to sit up). And I'm starting to feel depressed because nothing's making me feel better - nothing is relieving this pain and discomfort. I'm finally seeing a GI on Monday afternoon - I think they're planning to look for ulcers with an endoscope. However, I'm wondering if I should bring up possible celiac disease? From looking at the symptoms it seems that all these weird medical issues conform to celiac disease - plus my mom has always had awful digestive issues as well (had her gallbladder out, part of one of her intestines removed due to adhesions). So what do you guys think? It wouldn't hurt to bring it up with the GI of course. But I am just wondering how forceful I should be about it. With all these medical problems I feel like the doctors sometimes think I'm just being dramatic or something - or it's just all due to my autoimmune issues. Anyway, any feeddback or help or common experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give me!!