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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I wanted to keep all you updated since you have been great reassurance to me. My daughters GI doctor called today and said that her biopsys came back positive. When I asked her did she know what Marsh level she was at she said at least a 3 because she had some areas that had total atrophy. She said that her's were mostly located in 1 part of the intestine so that is why when she looked with the endocope she thought she was still seeing villa. When everyone says go with your gut you were all soo right because I knew she was positive even if the biopsy came back otherwise, and I removed the gluten from her diet 1 week prior to what the doctor had said and she is now on the mend and not just starting to heal. Thanks again everyone. This is a great place to vent with people that understand.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone still waiting for the biopsy results. The waiting part is killing me. Just from starting the gluten free diet a few days ago. I already notice small improvements from her. She hasnt woke up at night crying that her legs hurt and she has been eating all her food at preschool. She had been always coming home with more than 1/2 of her lunch still in her bag and she said she didnt eat it because she was full. Only little stomach aches but nothing like before. It used to be her saying "mommy I have to go to the bathroom by stomach hurts and running to the bathroom" and her sitting on the toilet close to tears. So I will not change what we are doing even if her biopsy comes back neg. I just want the confirmation that it is positive
  3. The celiac transglutaminase antibody the range <20 her number was 138. ( is that another name for ttg?) I dont have a number for EMA she just told me it was positive
  4. This is what I was wondering I thought from what I have been reading is that the diagnosis of celiacs is true with even the blood work. I also spoke with a non pediatric GI and told him her number of 138 prior to me being aware of positive EMA and he felt she had celiacs. The part that I think is annoying me the most is that instead of saying everything looked good but we are waiting for the biopsy but start her on a gluten free diet now. She said not to start her on a gluten free diet until the biopsy comes back and if it is negative we may need to do a colonoscopy. Really put a 5 year old through that prep and procedure when the blood findings are conclusive of celiacs?
  5. Hello I am new here and I have some questions. My 5 year old daughter 2 weeks ago had blood work done by her GI for celiac. I had thought she was lactose intolerant for about 1 year now but her symptoms recently had been getting worse. Abd pain distended abdomen, and leg cramps etc. Her blood work came back as they called it celiac transglutaminase antibody was 138. So she had an endoscopy yesterday and prior to the procedure I asked the doctor with a number that high is it likely she has celiacs. She told me that she also tested her for EMA and that was positive. So prior to procedure I was confident that was her diagnosis. After the scope the doctor came and spoke to us and said everything looked normal. There was 1 area that may have "looked bumpy". She said she took several biopsy's. She stated that when she looked close with the endoscope it appeared that all the villas were intact but we would have to wait for the biopsy. So I asked again with both blood levels positive what else could it be. She said that we might need to do stool studies and a colonoscopy. For what???? This is where I am confused. Why wont she just give her the diagnosis with the blood work even if the biopsy are negative. I asked her if I should start her on a gluten free diet or wait for biopsy. She said wait for biopsy. Well I didn't listen to that advice and started her on it yesterday. So I need some advice and insight as to what the GI is thinking she could have.