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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Week One

    So, I wrote my post in a hurry because I was about to leave for work. I just re-read it and realized how it sounded. I do eat plenty, mostly whole-foods just because I am scared of missing something on all the overwhelming labels, and I do always bring snacks with me (usually nuts and fruit). When I was talking about there being nothing for me to eat at the party besides the chips, I was strictly talking about food at the party. I had brought myself a separate lunch to eat along with some ice cream (normal and dairy/gluten-free) for the party. It was just depressing to see tables of cakes and pies and dips and such that I couldn't have. And thank you IrishHeart, your list did help me my first time at the store! Today I think I got glutened (not sure the correct terms yet, I'm learning, go easy on me!) for the first time. My husband had some beer today and I let him kiss me (once or twice ) afterward. Honestly, I have been a little skeptical ( ) of having symptoms from things like someone touching my food after touching bread or kissing me after eating gluten, but now I think I may understand. I have really felt like crap since then and had bad stomach cramps. I haven't felt this bad in a couple of days. Is this probably due to the kiss or just having not completely healed?
  2. Week One

    It has almost been a week since I was diagnosed with Celiac and became gluten free. I have been managing pretty well so far. I had a very mild HD on my elbows which has almost cleared up, but I am still having GI symptoms. I suppose those will get better with time. It has been hard so far, but I think it will get better. My work had a party on day 3, and that was a tough day. The only thing I could eat were some gluten free chips my friend brought just for me. Lately, I feel like I have been eating to survive more than eating for the joy of food. Which is probably a good thing but sucks because I love food. On a positive note: My friend at work (the one that brought me the chips) found a grocery store that gave her a list of all the gluten free foods in the store and where they are located. It is 3 pages long! That was kind of exciting! It will make my next trip to the grocery store much easier! My first time grocery shopping took me 3 and a half hours to read all the labels of everything I bought. I really owe my friend! I may have to cook her a gluten free meal in thanks.
  3. Tonight is going to be my first time cooking a gluten-free meal! Up until now I have been eating boiled eggs, salads, potatoes, and some fish my husband made. I am making: Ground beef tacos in corn tortillas with tomatoes and lettuce, with black beans and brown rice on the side Dessert: fresh strawberries, apples, and bananas cut up and tossed with lemon juice Hopefully, I shopped smart and everything is gluten-free. I'm still a learning newbie! Took me 2 hours at the grocery store today (I had to read every single label of everything I got, phew!).
  4. Newly Diagnosed

    Just to clarify, I meant the feeling better might be "in my head" at first. As in, I might be thinking I'm feeling a little better just because I am trying so hard. I definitely know the symptoms aren't in my head! I am going to make my first Celiac grocery shopping trip today. I am excited and nervous at the same time!
  5. Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    I am very new to the gluten-free diet and Celiac Dx, so thanks for the info! I had thought there was no hope in going out to eat until this (I live in the Hattiesburg area)! I am still mourning no imitation crab because I will miss most of my favorite sushi! Do you have any more sushi recommendations?
  6. Celiac Means No Coffee?

    I just found out I had Celiac Disease yesterday and can't have gluten. Then today I see the headline Celiacs Means No Coffee? Can you say heart attack?! Don't scare a newbie like that ! I am so glad most disagree with that blog or I would be having a major melt-down right now!
  7. Newly Diagnosed

    Right now, as weird as it sounds, I am most worried about having time for a gluten-free diet. While fruits and salads and such are quick and easy, I am eventually going to get tired of just fruits and salads. My husband and I don't have a lot of time to cook meals these days. We rely heavily on grabbing something to-go from a restaurant or (yes, I admit it) fast food. That doesn't seem to be an option now, at least not until I can really learn more about what I can and can't eat. I know I will feel better in the end. I have been gluten-free (mostly) for at least 4 days now (due to my clear-liquid diet prep and bland diet afterwards) and already feel like my elbows are itching a little less (it's probably in my head, lol). I'm hopeful the stomach cramps and such will lessen soon (even if it is in my head!). I know my family and friends will be supportive. Most of my friends work in the medical field, so they all get it. Even though my family will be supportive, they will probably be less understanding mainly because of lack of knowledge (I can see a lot of "surely you can have one roll" in my future). My in-laws, on the other hand, will be a completely different story. They will probably think it is all in my head as a way to seek attention. I'm sure they will be cooking their regular hamburgers every Friday and act like they forgot every time I don't eat one.
  8. Newly Diagnosed

    LoL Thanks. At the moment I don't really know what else I need. I'm sure I will have plenty of more specific questions later.
  9. Newly Diagnosed

    Wow thank y'all! This is very helpful! Thanks for such a detailed response, IrishHeart! I hope my grocery stores have all of the options y'all have mentioned. I have never really noticed the gluten-free products, but I have also never looked for them. I plan of staying away from dairy for now, at least until my follow-up appointment with my GI doctor in May. I am almost excited to start working on a grocery/meal list and go shopping (almost). Right now I am living off the eggs, meats, and veges we have at home. I am really hating our pantry that is so full of breads and cereals. I told my husband I was going to put some caution tape over the door . Thanks again for the help, I really needed to pull myself together and stop feeling sorry for myself!
  10. I just got diagnosed with Celiacs yesterday. I am still feeling very overwhelmed by the whole thing. They called me at about 4:00 in the evening and said my EGD confirmed that I have Celiacs and that I need to be on a gluten free diet and am welcome to stop by the clinic to pick up information about the new diet. Well, I am a nurse at a hospital and have plenty of access to patient education. I had to go to work that night and did not have time to go to the grocery store and had no gluten-free options at the house. At work, the only gluten-free options in the cafeteria that I could find was a salad. I am also a full-time student working on getting my Master's and had to come home after work to study and do school work. Still, no time to go to the store yet. I feel like I don't have the time or money for this complete life-style change. I feel silly for being so upset about not getting to have gluten anymore, but I never realized how many of my favorite things have gluten (Mini-Wheat's cereal, cookies, brownies, blueberry scones, and so on). I also have read from sources that you should be dairy-free, at least in the beginning of the gluten-free diet? No more milk or cheese?! I guess I just wanted to vent... Any tips on quick, easy meals and breakfast foods? What are easy foods to take to work? And how do you handle going to eat at other people's houses?