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  1. I usually don't cheat, but sometimes, when my willpower does fail me, I always end up feeling guilty...though I don't have celiac just gluten sensitivity the symptoms make me regret cheating even more
  2. I like salads of mixed baby greens with grilled chicken on top, spinach in meat sauce, black bean and corn enchiladas...the possibilities are really endless
  3. Ooh BIG time. When I cut dairy for the first time in 7th grade, I craved milk all the time. Though nowadays I've lost my taste for dairy milk because soymilk is so much richer and creamier, but other treats like cookies, ice cream, cheese, and pizza I miss bitterly. Whenever my friends are eating them around me and I'm not, I feel so deprived and like I'm sacrificing my soul.
  4. I've tried low carb diets (as in no starches, but I'd still eat fruits and vegetables) and though they do work to a certain extent, they left me feeling tired and hazy and woozy and dizzy, so I try to stick to low-glycemic index noms and a and a few whole grains to keep the spinning away