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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hez, what a cute avatar! I never thought about fruit etc. being a problem, but what you point out is very enlightening. Thanks, Maryellen
  3. On Sept. 24 I went to the church picnic, and ate from the pot luck buffet for the 1st time since my dx 15 months ago. It was a big mistake, even tho' I chose my foods very carefully (I thought). I have had several gluten incidents over the past 15 months, but nothing severe, so that made me confident that I wouldn't get sick even if I got some gluten. The next day, I knew I had eaten gluten. Then each day I developed symptoms I had never experienced before, but were consistent with what I've read from others on the forum. In my case, I don't get the Big D. Mine is the Big C, which gets worse if I eat gluten. The thing that puzzled me was that I developed a fever of 101.8 on the 3rd day (Ibuprofen took it away). The next evening my temp went to 99.2 (Ibuprofen to the rescue again). No more fever after that. I hadn't heard of fever connected with a gluten incident. Yesterday, I developed a blood blister on my tongue (??!!) and wondered if it was from poisons in my system, or perhaps I bit my tongue without realizing it. After all other symptoms subsided (still have the brain fog), I'm left feeling weak and washed out. It feels a lot like low blood sugar which I get occasionally, only it doesn't go away when I eat (O.J. usually brings the blood sugar back to normal for me) Since I've never before experienced such a severe reaction, I'm left wondering if perhaps there was also something else going on in my body at the same time (a little virus or bacteria). And I am interested in having some feedback on this. I can tell you this much. I will never again eat from a pot luck buffet! I learned my lesson. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling ever so much better except for the weakness. Regards, Maryellen
  4. N.a.e.t.

    Hi Ev I love n.a.e.t. I had a practitioner when I lived in Iowa and she was a chiropractor also. She was absolutely brilliant. We moved from Iowa before I was dx'd with Celiac, so the issue was never addressed. She did so much to improve the health of my husband and myself. Have you given the n.a.e.t. treatment a try? If so, does your chiro only treat for one condition at a time? Ours treated for as much as the body could handle for a reasonable price. In the nearby city (Omaha) the practitioner there charged $50 for each visit and would only treat for one allergy at a time, which was much steeper cost than in Iowa. That said: IMHO, I can't see how n.a.e.t. could possibly treat Celiac since it is not an allergy we are dealing with. On the other hand, if you are treated for your allergies and other bacteria issues, your immune system is not going to be as taxed and will improve your overall health. That could help you while your gut heals. For me, the gluten-free diet is working well. I was dx'd in June, 2005. I haven't been back to see my n.a.e.t. Dr. but will do so at the first opportunity. I think it's a great system (depending on the capability of the practitioner.) I haven't followed any of your other posts, so my answer is just a shot in the dark based on your question on n.a.e.t. Maryellen
  5. When a recipe calls for pumpkin pie spice, is there any special brand I should look for?. I usually just use cinnamin and nutmeg, but I'm not sure if they are gluten-free either. Thanks for any help Cooking is a cross to bear and being celiac makes it even more work than it used to be.
  6. I'm always substituting stuff in recipes, and discovered that often when wine is called for it's because of it's acidic nature. I often use orange juice in place of vinegar or wine. Anyone else have recipes where you have done this?
  7. Hope you all have a safe gluten-free Thanksgiving. Here's my 2 cents on the Green bean cassarole. I will be going to DD's house and will be taking the green bean cassarole. I will use the traditional recipe with a 2 substitutions: the mushroom soup and the onion rings. For the mushroom soup, I can use Progresso or I can make my own: To make my own, I use a can of mushrooms and make a white sauce with cornstarch to thicken it. I bring a cup of chicken broth to a boil and add in the liquid from the can of mushrooms. Then I make the cornstarch paste using 4 oz of chicken broth (or cold water) and 2 TBS cornstarch. I add the paste to the hot mixture and heat and stir until thickened. It's much more economical than the Progresso mushroom soup. To replace the onion rings, I'll crush corn tortilla chips for the crunchy top. If I was more ambitious I could fry my own onion rings using this batter: 1 cup all purpose gluten-free flour 3/4 c. miilk 1 egg 1 tsp. salt 2 TBS oil 1/2 tsp. baking powder Happpy Turkey Day
  8. MissKris This cassarole sounds good. Can you give us more details about it. I'd like to try it but can't visualize the steps (I'm not much of a cook) So, do you cook the cheese and bacon in with the scrambled eggs? My idea of a cassarole is a dish of several ingredients mixed and then baked in an oven. How long do you bake it? Do you have any kind of breakfast that would be good for guests. I'm having overnight guests next week and need something I can fix the night before and cook or re-heat in the morning. Any suggestions? None of my old recipes will work for this type of situation anymore. I had a great Breakfast cassarole but it calls for bread and I don't have access to gluten-free bread. I'm learning to cook all over again and I didn't really like it the first time around! But it sure beats being sick. Maryellen
  9. Thanks Tiffany for posting my question. I'm the one who wanted to know. I put my creative hat on and will be serving this cassarole at the family get-together tomorrow. To replace the Jiffy corn muffin mix, I followed the recipe for corn bread on the package of corn meal, just using the dry ingredients, and substituting Bob's Red Mill all purpose gluten-free flour mix for the wheat flour. It amounted to 2 cups of dry mix, whereas the Jiffy box contains 8.5 oz, so when I put the cassarole together in the morning, I will measure out one cup plus a tablespoon. I don't think the cassarole needs the leavening agent ( at least I hope not) The cornbread recipe doesn't call for yeast, and I guess that's leavening isn't it? (I'm no cook - but I'll be learning now - have to to survive as a celiac) For the creamed corn, I opened the can of whole kernel, poured off some of the liquid and chopped it up in my mixer. Looks like creamed corn to me. I'll put it together in the morning and let you know how it turns out. My family loves corn and this recipe got rave reviews at our Thanksgiving dinner in 2004 before I was dx'd. Here is the original recipe (oh so yummy) 1 (16 oz ) can whole kernel corn, drained 1 (16 oz ) can cream style corn 1 (8 oz ) carton sour cream (I substitute cream cheese) 1.5 cups grated cheddar or American cheese 1 pkg. Jiffy corn muffin mix 3 eggs 1 onion (diced) 1 green pepper (diced) Saute onion & pepper in 2-3 TBS butter or margarine. Beat eggs in a large bowl: add corn, onion, gr. pepper & muffin mix. Pour into a greased 9 X 13 cake pan ( I used a pyrex 9 x 13 dish) Top with sour cream (or cream cheese) spreading to cover as much as possible. Sprinkle cheese over top. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. ************** I can see there is little interest in corn muffins. However, all you corn lovers out there will like this dish. It bears no resemblance to corn muffins. Again, Thanks Tiffany for posting the question for me. Maryellen
  10. Could you share some of your couscous recipes with us? You can email me if you would. Thanks Maryellen
  11. Hi jnkmnky That was an interesting link. It does make sense. I'm particularly interested in the link between celiac and Schizophrenia. My brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in the 1950's. Then in the 1980's a granddaughter was diagnosed with Manic Depressive disorder. They asked about a family link, but we didn't know of any except for my brothers Schizo. Their Dr. told them that Schz was often mis-diagnosed in the 50's in people who were really Manic Depressive. My understanding is that they both come from the same gene and , in fact, that there is a continuum that goes from Depression, alcoholism, ADD etc. at one end to Schizo at the extreme end. I don't have a link or any documentation on that, but a cousin of mine told us that her research on Behavioral Disorders led her to that information. I'll contact her and see if she can give me a link or a source for documentation. My Father was alcoholic and Diabetic. His diabetic diagnosis was made in the 1930's when he was in his 30's. My own reasoning tells me that it probably wasn't type II onset, but was no doubt Type I. I never heard any such differentation made in those days. I am the first in my family to be diagnosed with Celiac, but pondering on where the family connection might be, I can easily see that my Father and His mother fit into the symptoms. And I see my brother as fitting the profile (tho' there is no typical celiac), but he had some pretty classic symptoms. Your mother's malnourishment could have influenced the genetic pre-disposition which could have come from her or your father. Have you established that your mother or father were Celiacs? The possibility of links of Celiac to many other autoimmune diseases is awesome, and I find it quite fascinating. My interest is not to question "Why Me?" or "Why, Why, Why". My interest is in passing in whatever knowledge I can gain from my illness to enlighten and alert my descendants so they can live more healthy lives. If you find out anything more, let us know. When we get all the puzzle pieces in place, we'll feel we made sense of the thing. Regards Maryellen
  12. Thanks Kaiti That would be so handy if you posted the list here. It takes me forever to get around on the net with my pokey dial-up connection. Gratefully Maryellen
  13. Hi I did a search for lipstick and ended up in this forum about other make up products also. I am in a state of total shock. If gluten-free makeup is that expensive, I'll have to go barefaced! No way can I fork out the kind of money charged for Bare Escentuals, or MAC. One year (before dx) I went all out and bought some Clinique products, but I couldn't see that they made me look any better than Maybelline and Cover Girl, so I went back to those. I need help! Can anyone give me a link to a gluten-free cosmetic that is thrifty? Now, I'm looking for face cleanser, a light conditioner and some lipstick. Is there anything 'out there' at a reasonable price that I can feel safe with? Thx Maryellen
  14. Regarding Gluten withdrawal, I remember asking the same question earlier this month, but I can't find the post. I went gluten-free on June 16th this year and my energy level was like a yo yo, and I was surprised that I felt worse instead of better. My son-in-law (LPN) suggested that maybe I was missing some carbs and to check and make sure I was getting a good balance between carbs, fats and proteins. For me it turned out to be carbs were missing and I started eating brown rice. That really helped. Also bought a pancake mix from Red Mill and that seemed to really satisfy what my body was asking for. It's different for everybody. In week 5 of gluten-free, my energy began to level off and this whole week I've felt well in just about every way. So hang in there and do your research. Discover for yourself what it is your body is needing. When you find that out, you'll be on your way. You will get tons of answers by doing a search. I found all these postings to be interesting on that subject. I just entered "gluten withdrawal" and it came up with 11 pages on the subject. I did my search in "all forums", and "most relavant. Here is the link to the search results. http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?a...uten+withdrawal Hope this helps. Maryellen