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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Coconut Milk Problems?

    I only use canned coconut milk (Native Forest). The milks like the So Delicious brand have carrageenan in them and many people have strong reactions to that. It's a source of MSG and is shown to cause a lot of gastrointestinal problems especially for celiacs. In fact researching carrageenan effects on celiacs is what led me to this forum in the first place. The search function should pull up some old threads. Personally I'd give it the boot, it's hard enough getting your intestines to heal without the extra onslaught.
  2. Pamela's is the only one I like. It is nearly indistinguishable from the buttermilk pancakes I used to make pre-gluten-free. Which have you tried?
  3. 6 Months Gluten Free 35Lbs Lost

    I'll just agree with everyone else, you look happy, healthy, vibrant and energetic. Let's just say, you look GREAT! You'll find a celiac chick knocking on your door soon enough, I'm certain of it!
  4. Newb From Sd

    You mentioned the gluten-free fest in Rapid City in your other thread, and I wanted to tell you. My endocrinologist in Rapid is great. He is very knowledgeable and kind of specializes in celiac. He travels around to med schools trying to educate them on it and teach them how to look for it. My cousin's husband (a dr. getting his endo specialisation right now, who lives in NH right now!) actually knew the name as soon as I told him, he'd met him and really respected him. Anyway I know the celiacs group in Rapid works with him and tries to get him to participate in events like these. I wonder if he had the time this go-round. She worked in a bakery? I don't know how you survived. Truly. I used to bake so much, OH MAN I loved to bake. I could make anything. Now I can't do it anymore, not like I used to, know what I mean? It's sad but I try not to dwell on it. I can't give away my cookbooks yet though.
  5. Afraid To Say It Out Loud

    Bummed that I missed that!
  6. Afraid To Say It Out Loud

    WaitWHAT? A gluten-free Indian restaurant in Rapid? Do you mean Curry Masala?
  7. Newb From Sd

    Yes, I used to enjoy Roma's now and then, but I really don't think I should go near the place now! Even though they do a few non-pasta things. Barbacoas was a pleasant surprise last week. Almost the full menu is gluten free, and the two guys who worked on my food went through about 5 pairs of gloves, and even threw away the first bowl of rice and beans. They must have realized they CC'd it somehow, but I didn't catch it, as I was busy perusing all the veggie toppings at that moment. The Bay Leaf went above and beyond to ensure me a gluten-free bison ribeye with vegetables, caramelized onions, and chilled gazpacho as well. I am going to team up with a local blogging friend of mine who is Primal and gluten-free. We are going to line up interviews with the managers, try to get a quick tour of the kitchens, and then eat a meal, and blog all about it. So I'll be sure to share with you when we do. We hope to do the same all around the Hills! We do have Safeway but I have heard the one in Rapid City is way better. I was just there today on a whirlwind trip with DS and couldn't stop in. I'll be going back soon though. With a cooler and ice packs! I actually work at the health food store here so I'm pretty spoiled, I get a nice discount and they really take my suggestions for products.
  8. Afraid To Say It Out Loud

    Hey, small world, I am a ways north of you up in Spearfish! This was really sad. People rallied to support them though, I heard donations were coming in from all over the world. That was very selfless of you to put on a benefit for the shelter instead of yourself!
  9. Newb From Sd

    Hi everyone! I've been haunting the forum the last couple of months, ever since I realized I needed to go gluten free. I'm finally jumping in and hoping to join the conversation. I live in the Black Hills of SD. My health has been going down the tubes the last few years and when I finally reached my breaking point and saw a doctor, it all spiraled into thyroid ultrasounds, a specialist, and finally autoimmune Dx of Hashi's and celiac. At least now I know why I have felt so bad for so long. It's been a real challenge learning how to keep my kitchen safe, with my gluten-eating husband and 4 yr old sharing it with me, and starting all over on the basics of cooking and eating out. I've already learned so much from reading here, so THANK YOU, and I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning even more!