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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Had ginger lime grilled chicken and fried potatoes. Homemade cupcake and Prosecco. Yummy!!!!
  2. My Mango Dilemma

    I like the mango salsa/ mango margaritas idea. That sounds like a party
  3. So I am going on vacation on Saturday. And I know that it could be scarier than where I am heading but this is the first time away from home since having to go super strict. I used to be able to not react to a shared kitchen and go eat out fairly easy (as easy as it is for any of us I guess). Now I have become so sensitive. I am off to MT to my husbands family's ranch. No grocery store for 70 miles and even then I doubt I can find anything gluten free. So I am bringing a huge box of food and a toaster. But I am just so nervous about getting sick or forgetting something or being a pain in the butt to our family. I truly adore them, they understand and are willing to cook gluten free while I am there. But I am still on antibiotics for SIBO because I got really sick from the first round and had to restart on a new antibiotic. I am sure I am just being silly. But sometimes I just wish I didn't have to worry about food so much, it starts to be your life and there's just so much more to life than food.
  4. Oats. Don't Think It's Good News.

    I just had to give up oats too. I may try again in a few months but it wasn't such a hugh deal for me. I hate oatmeal (as in breakfast) and don't eat a lot of sweets. But scratching anything off the safe list feels like a loss. Sorry you are having trouble.
  5. Whole foods are cheaper and farmers markets for produce, you can get it cheaper most of the time that way. Even frozen chicken breast that doesn't have breading is cheaper most of the time. Naturally gluten free food is cheaper than trying the replacement gluten free stuff. Another way to save is buy gluten free items that you like on sites like amazon. Then it comes to you and usually at way lower prices.
  6. Deeply Frustrating LGBT Issue

    My friend at work who is lesbian always got in trouble with her wife for going to lunch together because I was a bad influence, she would occasionally get a BLT. I am a definite MEAT eater. My first statement as a kid was "more meat". It definitely seems like that is a trend in the lgbt community to be vegan/vegetarian. But I digress. I agree with the above posts. Work on you, enjoy hobbies, you mentioned art, take an art class or work on your art. Enjoy wearing the clothes you like, eat what you like, do what makes you happy. Find YOURSELF, not what you think someone wants you to be. Once you like and love yourself, you will give off the confidence that attracts that right person. When you know who you are and love it, then someone else can love you too, even if that is a curvy celiac meat eating girl. Think of it this way, a salesman who truly believes in his/her product will be the high producer, same with dating. You will find someone sweetie, I really believe there is someone for everyone but I also truly believe that you have to love yourself before you ask someone to love you. Hugs though, I know its hard
  7. I have struggled with my vit d for many years. I was at 9 when I started. Then hung around the teens for awhile. I even was on the prescription d of 50000 units twice a week. I started taking this d3 that is 10000 units and sublingual and I finally have a good vit d level. 10000 is the max daily dose. But the newest research is saying most people need to be taking more it improves brain function, sleep and even has ties to our heart function.
  8. It's Unfair

    You can't worry about the what ifs in life. Everything is a mystery. That's part of the fun. If you want children I agree with the above posts there are much worse conditions. As a nurse I've seen the worst of the worst. And these two aren't bad. If your doctor thinks you can have children and you want to then I would say go for it and enjoy your babies. It will all work out.
  9. No Oats For Me But No Other Intolerances

    Thanks I read the other post. That's great information
  10. So I figured out oats are a no for me. Labs came back and SIBO is my problem. So glad it's something an not that I'm crazy. Rifaximin for me for a week. I'm hoping it goes well. So grateful I'm not intolerant of more than gluten and oats. Thanks for all your help
  11. Anyone Have Trouble With Probiotics?

    Don't eat a lot of sugar unless you count natural sugars as in fruit. I eat the occasional schar chibata roll. None this week even. I don't like most of the gluten-free subs and never liked sweets. See the doc next week I'm hoping we can figure something out.
  12. Eyesight

    I don't know about how an actual visual test would go but I noticed when I went gluten-free that I felt like my vision cleared. Almost like everything had a haze, especially long distance. When I went gluten-free it was like putting on Polarized sunglasses. When I get glutened I can tell a difference in my vision.
  13. Stupid!

    As the last two posts above said, in the beginning its easy to give in. I started 2 years ago and have definitely had my ups and downs. When you get stressed its easy to do. Next time you will be stronger.
  14. So as some of you know I have been having trouble again after 2 years gluten free, but had got cc'd several times in a row. So started (after this big flare up) on probiotics and back on nexium and then later gastric enzymes. So then I was still having problems so tried grain and dairy free for a few days. Nothing was helping. I felt like I was taking more and more pills so I stopped everything. And then things got better. I added back nexium ,that is ok. I suspect the probiotics. Can that be possible? Was taking culturelle and acidophilous. I was to the point with bloating that I couldn't even sleep. Since I stopped taking them that is so much better. I know that can be a common reaction in the first few days of starting probiotics but was on them about 3 weeks. Tried dairy again today and did fine. Could this be? What should I do??
  15. Advice

    I was starting to bounce back but then wham. I'm wondering if it's dairy. I will just eat whole foods no grain or dairy for at least a few days. Then try the bread again and see. Dairy intolerance is big in my family so.....