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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I don't know if this will help you at all...but my daughter (8yrs old) was diagnosed back in April 12') She is so gluten sensitive that the littlest bread crumbs will set her up for being so ill all night long. After she was diagnosed and we started gluten free, she was experiencing pains like you have described. I journaled everything, read every label and scratched our heads trying to figure out what was making her sick. Finally, one day she said to me, "Mommy, i have been eating the (gluten free) Cinnamon Rice Chex everyday and since then I have been sick". Sure enough, I read the label and one of the ingredients is Canola oil. I read somewhere that some Celiacs are sensitive to canola oil and as soon as I read the label, it hit me. Ever since then, if she ate anything with canola oil, she had a reaction. Now that we know the problem, we are very careful to not buy anything gluten free made with canola oil. It is a challenge to find things that aren't, but she is MUCH better since. Good luck to you!
  2. Hi! Her test results came back and her vitamin D was severely low. She is now on a vitamin d gel pill, 1 every 7 days for the the next 8 weeks. After that, she will be on oracal vitamin. Hopefully the high dose of vitamin d for the 8 weeks will boost enough, combined with her new Gluten free diet = no more broken bones!!!
  3. My daughter just broke another bone (her 4th in 11 months!)... just on Thursday. Our appointment can't come fast enough on Wednesday now.
  4. I'm going to post this in my other topic...but would you believe my daughter broke ANOTHER (her 4th) bone on Thursday! I am definitely anxious for Wednesday 's gastro appointment to get these blood test results back.
  5. Hi , yes, actually she had another round of blood tests this past Saturday and they were testing all of her levels. Her appointment is this coming Wednesday, May 2. I am anxious to hear what the results are.
  6. Ok, so you are just as new to this as me with the kids...thanks for the advice on the sausage, i will look for that!
  7. Thank you!!!! I, too, appreciate the paper cut analogy! A probiotic sounds like a great idea, will definitely bring it up to her doc next wednesday. ;-)
  8. She's been dairy free for a while now...so it's not the milk. Little by little , we'll figure this out! Have a great day :-)
  9. She is on a dairy free diet, so it's not the Cow's milk...the best thing to do is to just stop the cereal. What a guessing game this all is ;-(....thank you!
  10. You're right! It is a big puzzle!!! It's like we get one step ahead, she eats something that sets her off then she's two steps back ;-( Mine is with yours...the 1-6 times a day complaints...she has been dairy free for almost 2 months now, so I know it's not dairy. I have been doing other research and wondering if there is something else going on with her. She had her Endoscopy on 4/5/12 and her villit we "split & flat". Next Wednesday is her 3 week checkup, I am anxious to talk to the doctor because she also complains of a burning/warm feeling in her stomach. It's not everyday, but when it happens, it's usually when she did eat something with gluten and we didn't realize it. How long have your daughters been Celiac for?
  11. Thank you everyone for all of your great input!! I forgot to mention my daughter is already dairy free and has been about a month before they diagnosed her with Celiac. I have given her almond milk and it does seem heavy on her stomach so we are trying soy. She slept all night last night and had no problems this morning with the exception of a little stomach pain this morning...but she went to school with no complaint!!! A big improvement from the last couple of days with her eating the cereal. I do have the Envirokids cereals and will be sticking strictly to them. Even though we are new to this whole experience I am beginning to learn very quickly. My husband made pancakes from the Bisquick gluten free mix with almond milk. The texture was great, (had to add a little water to thin the batter out a touch) but bottom line, it was another food our daughter was willing to eat! We tried storing it 2 ways to see if she would like eating them = refrigeration & frozen. 2 days in the refrigerator, just fine but wouldn't go further than that. The freezer was great! We were so happy about this because now we can make a whole batch up! I know this may sound strange and help me out if any of you have had the same experience, but so far, my daughter's own personal experience in reaction to the "gluten free" foods that are sold in local grocery chains are the ones that have given her issues, i.e., Cinnamon Chex, gluten free cereal, gluten free turkey lunchmeat, duncan hines gluten free chocolate frosting. All of the items I have purchased through the dietary/whole foods shops she has had a positive experience. Why in the heck is this! Thank you again everyone...you really are a big help!!!!
  12. We have been on the gluten-free diet for 2 1/2 weeks now and bought the Cinnamon Chex cereal about a week ago. We were trying to figure out why my 8 year old daughter was complaining of stomach pains in the morning seeing that we were following the diet strictly. Well, yesterday she had 2 servings because now that she is beginning to feel better, her appetite is coming back. This morning she was in unbearable pain, could barely stand or bend over. I thought it over and realized she's been having a lot of the cereal lately so I checked the ingredients and it does say its made with Canola oil. Our dietician did say not to give her anything with Canola oil, only vegetable. I researched this online and she is not the only person to have this problem. Anyone else experience this with their child?
  13. Thank you everyone for your replies! It has definitely been overwhelming but we are learning as we go along here. We are meeting with the dietician tomorrow so I am looking forward to that! I have another question for you guys. Have any of your children ever complained of their stomach feeling like a burning feeling inside as well? There are some days my daughter has complaints of this. When she had her endoscopy, they did take stomach tissue and say they were testing for H. pylori but at her results appointment the doctor made no mention of it. We are now a week and a half into the gluten free/dairy free diet and she is finding things she likes. However, she woke up this morning with awful stomach pain and we are scratching our heads in what we gave her to eat that made her stomach bloated and sick again ;-( Has almond milk affected any of your children? This is the only thing that I can think of that maybe set her off.