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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone Have Trouble With Probiotics?

    I started using align. Started having setbacks about the same time with no change in diet. I quit eating gluten March 12 2012 so still fairly new to this. I have most of the GI problems which are taking longer to improve on than I had hoped.
  2. I am too tired to try anything else tonight. I am an intelligent person who could add value to your forum if I was allwoed to do so.
  3. It still tells me my post will need approval even tho the post that started this thread did show up. Maybe I have posted some of the same material on differeent threads, but when you are dealing with a disease and people ask for your experiences with the disease, there will be a lot of reitions in your answers. The content will be similar maybe to some of my other posts but how can I relate what I have been thru if my posts are removed? just doesn't make sense to me. I came here for help, not rejection.
  4. I actually think I posted about 15 posts the first few days but only 10 showed up. I was looking to the forum to help me better learn more about Celiac and also help others with my experience with the disease, but it is hard to do it when my posts do not show up. I have not posted anything inappropriate. just wondered why some posts were removed and why I still need to be moderated!
  5. I am a self-diagnosed Celiac sufferer. I have almost every symptom even mildly related to Celiac. I did have the blood test which was negative but I had already started cutting way back on the gluten(for me which means wheat because I do not eat any of the other grains nor drink any alcohol.)) I went gluten free March 19 2012. Even after the first day I saw marked improvement, but the most apparent improvement was in my brain function. I had basically become a mumbling idiot. I could not carry on an intelligent conversation. I would say the wrong things, wrong words,, my mind was totally confused. It was like there was a short circuit between my brain and my mouth. On the computer things were much better. I might make some mistakes but I could correct them without just making things worse. edema was also a problem. It got better but is worse again. My feet and legs are very swollen. I have pressure, pain and bloating in my stomach and chest. I have diabetes as well as heart and kidney problems. I take iron, potassium, magnesium, a multi-vitamin, mega red krill oil, and B12 shots. Along with other meds I take for blood pressure, heart, cholesterol, diuretics,etc I take between 30-35 pills a day. I felt so good the first few weeks then things started to go downhill again. I may be getting hidden wheat. I do eat rice and oatmeal. I want to get back to the way I felt the first few weeks of being gluten free. I had blood work today and will get the results next week at my next appointment. I also have colitis(4 pills a day for that, diverticulitis, chronic fatigue, of course the diarrhea which goes with celiac, colitis, etc. I have recurring muscle pains, intense pains with no apparent cause and no relief from meds. I had "colds" that lasted for months. Couldn't be colds, right? weight fluctuation, and it goes on and on. I read the labels. i prepare most of the meals myself from scratch. Where do these symptoms return? What can I do to help myself?
  6. Sara I had the brain fog, confusion, etc with the celiac but when I went off wheat, that was one of the main things that improved great, even the next day. Do not know why they would start after quitting gluten. Gluten free since March 19 2012
  7. Most of the symptoms that you have can be symptoms of celiac. I had all those except #5 and 6. But i also had so many more than that!
  8. I self-ddiagnosed myself as having celiac disease. Why, because I could be a text book case for Celiacs. I have almost every syptom of the disease or did have untill I quit wheat. Only been gluten free since March 19 2012, but have seen such big improvements since then. My mental capacities suffered so bad I thought I was gooing crazy. After being gluten free, all the mental confusion, mmemory loss, brain fog has gone away. Proud to be gluten free.
  9. Newbie!

    Newbie here as well. celiac free since March 19 2012 and have seen great improvements in that short period of time. Doing without wheat I thought would be a problem for me, but eating wheat and poisoning my body is so much worse!I am also soy intolerant and a diabetic. That really puts a lot of limits on what you can eat. I try to eat natural foods. No worries about what secret ingredients they might contain,
  10. My Diagnosis

    My iron levels, potassium levels, magnesium levels and B12 levels test consistently low. Potassium has been so low at times that it was close to a medical emergency which I could have died from. I take iron, potassium, magnesium and monthly B12 sgots along with a multivitamin and still blood work comes back with deficiencies. Hope my next bloodwork will be much improved.
  11. My Diagnosis

    My primary care doc thinks I am a lazyhypochondraic just because he is inept at finding the cause for my very long list of syptoms which are sypmtoms of celiac. I finally did have the bloodwrok done but understand it can give a false reading. Mine came back negative. I went gluten free mon March 19 2012 and have noticed great improvemt in my body na dmostly my mind. The brain fog was so bad I couldn't think straight, couldn't carry on a conversation, loss of memory. Glute free and proud of it.
  12. Sleep Apnea

    I have celiac and also have sleep apnea and I believe they are realted. Since going gluten free, I am sleeping much better. I at times do suffer insomnia, but have been sleeping better overall since going gluten free. Only been gluten free since March 19 2012 so I know it will take time for my body to really show big signs of improement but one thing that was instantly improved like overnight was mantal confusion. I ahve not had a diagnossis of celiac, but do know that is what has sent my body into a downward spiral for the past 10-15 yr. Now I am climbing back up to the top!
  13. I also tested negative for celiac but I know I have it. I have almost all the symptoms of Celiac across the board. I know I have probably had it for 10-15 yr if not much longer. Living without gluten and all the foods you love is something that takes time to get used to but living with Celiac is so much worse.I have chronic fatigue, muscle and bone pain, colitis, diverticulitus, acid reflux, bloating gas, other GI problem. My mind wasn't working right. Could not carry on a conversation without the words getting all scrambled up. I have anemia and other vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I have to take Iron 3 times a day, monthly B12 shots, Potassium and Magnesium. I also take a multivitamin for women over 5o. Sill I am tested low on these things. I have been gluuten free since March 19 2012, so looking to find much improvements with my next lab tests. I have diabetesas well and cannot have sugar or very little. that is what I miss the most and do cheat some on that. I also have soy intolerance. Have you ever looked at the labels on pre-packaged foods? Almost everything contains soy, even ice cream. I hope you can find acceptance of your disease! It is so much better to go gluten free than to suffer the consequences if you don't.
  14. Most people don't understand Celiac Disease. Heck I had never even heaard of it until just a few years ago when I started searching for answers to why I had this maddening itching that just would not go away. Itching that lasted for days with no let up but did get better at times. Someone on another forum suggested it might be Celiac disease or at leas gluten sensitiviy. I quit eating wheat and guess what? The itching went away. Later I felt I was okay, and began eating wheat again which was a big mistake. Symptoms kept getting worse. A lot of the symptoms of Celiac disease are the exact same symptoms/compalints that I have had for years. In fact I have almost every symptom related to the disease.I quit eating wheat for good on March 19 2012 and I feel so much better than I did before.Within one day, the mental confusion which had been really bad,s so improved. The fatigue that had control over my body was so mcu better. I find that eating mostly natural foods, nothing processed is the way for me to go. This way you know what you are eating. Some things have hidden wheat and if you don't read the labels carefully you may be putting the poison back into your body. I don't miss the wheat. I know the damage it did to my body and I will not allow myself to go down that path again. Yes it is a big deal, but you can live with it and be happy and healthy doing so. I know a friend that has been gluten free about 6 weeks and has lost a lot of weight by just cutting wheat out of her diet! Good luck to you.
  15. I have had some abdominal pain, differs at times. The worst is when you get such a horrible pain that you feel likke you would die it hurts so bad but I know the pain is caused by gas trapped in the stomach. The pain lasts maybe 3o min but I usally get relief by taking alka seltzer.These pains are located in the middle part of my abdomen.Some milder pains that are brief and located just to the right of my belly button.Not sure if I answered all your questions. Your post disappeared after I started typing. I have almost every symptom listed for Celiac and have probably had this for 10-15 years without knowing why I felt so bad all the time.