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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free-Now What?

    Thank you! I appreciate the help and support so much!
  2. Gluten Free-Now What?

    I was thinking I should give gluten-free longer. I will give that a try. I probably can't go back to anything with wheat as I reacted to that on skin testing. I will be going back to the allergist next week.
  3. I began cutting out gluten a little over 2 weeks ago. I may need to do more with skin care products, but I have done well with food. I was just wondering how long I should wait before considering other foods that might be causing a reaction (rashes). It seems as though there might not be much left to eat if I excluded iodine and salicylate foods. How would one go about this? Should I give the gluten free more time or should I exclude high iodine foods or exclude everything all at once? Need help! I also have low potassium so that seems to make it trickier too.
  4. Going to Aggarwal Allergists on Tuesday. Does anyone know about them and if they could be helpful? I also need suggestions of docs in Kansas City, MO area in case Aggarwal is not helpful. Thanks so much!
  5. That's what I thought about the biopsy too. Do you think the allergy testing (with a different doctor, an allergist) will serve any purpose, or should I be seeing someone else?
  6. Just wondering what experience people have had with allergy testing and possible further testing if wheat shows up as an allergen. I am scheduled to see an allergy doc in about a week and a half after my dermatologist has been unable to figure out what to do with me. Biopsy on lesion showed contact allergy dermatitis. Any advice? Should I be seeing a different kind of doc? The diagnosis phase seems much harder than just going gluten-free.
  7. Contact Dermatitis?

    Thanks for your responses and help. It is much appreciated. From what I hear it is tough to get the diagnosis. I am seeing an allergist next. Any thoughts on allergy testing? Will allergy testing help the process or just delay it? Thanks again!
  8. 2 Yr Old Dh?

    How long do those take (oral steroids) to get out of your system? My derm. wants to prescribe Decadron for me.
  9. Contact Dermatitis?

    That's what I mentioned to her when she said they were doing a biopsy. I had researched this before going in the last time I went, so I am not really sure what this told me (being that it was ON the lesion). Maybe I will have better luck with an allergist.
  10. I have been itching for about 5 months now. I have gone to the dermatologist a number of times and been told pruitis, eczema and dermatitis. I have been given antihistamines and ointments and changed shampoo, conditioner, soap, detergent. So far, nothing has totally cleared this up. A recent biopsy (on a lesion) came up as an allergic contact dermatitis. I am now being refer to an allergist. I have different kinds of rashes (small rashes that itch and bleed and cover a large area especially on my back and drier/"sandpapery" rashes that are raised and reddened and right now are mostly on my neck). The rashes seem to crop up in very similar if not identical places on opposite sides of my body. Just wondering if an allergist can help me, or if I need to look elsewhere. I'm getting very frustrated. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!