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  1. Well, at least I've discovered I'm very patient ("Patience" is tattooed across my knuckles). I've had to wait years just to have the appropriate thyroid tests run, what's another couple of days waiting on blood results? I just can't believe how many "ah ha" moments I've had by reading articles on this site and by browsing some posts on this forum. I feel like I finally have a doctor going in the right direction.
  2. Hi! I'm Jen and I might not be crazy. I've been struggling with weird symptoms for years and years, I'm 31 now and strange things have been happening since I was a little baby. As a baby I was treated as though something was wrong, the older I got the more I was told I was nuts and my symptoms didn't make sense. Over the last couple of years I've been feeling worse and worse. Test after test after test after test. Testing for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders and much more. I was tested positive for Hashimoto's disease, and I thought I finally found the answer, but I met with an endocrinologist and he told me that regardless of having incredibly high anti-thyroglobulin antibodies, that my thyroid function is normal and that none of my symptoms are related. However, today he ran the blood tests to see if I have Celiac disease. Now I'm just terrified that this isn't the answer and I don't know what else to do.