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  1. Yesterday after a dozen blood tests have been tested for celiac! Not what I was expecting as I believed it affected your weight? I am an average woman for my age of 42 though would love to lose some. My problems started last summer with breathlessness and then severe lethargy......my goodness sleeping has become an issue I could sleep all day and all night and still wake up and want to sleep. Feel very achy all the time, sore neck and i have a back problems but for over the last two years slowly got worse. Suffered with vertigo and that was just awful in 2010 and ever since then I have been constantly ill! I dont like to go to the docs often as i feel very patronised when i go, i mean telling them im very tired and breathless isnt too much!!!!!! Some results came back previous saying im anemic and b12 deficient too so now on folic acid. However, after reading this forum i realised that when i eat bread or wheat just this morning as well, i suddenly become very very tired and unable to do much at all apart from sit down and practically fall asleep..........I want to live again and breathe properly again. What I'm asking is would you say that this is a celiac? Im not too sure and feel that asking my doc while waiting for results is too much to do??????/