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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I went on a gluten free diet with my son about 2 weeks ago. I also have a 10 month old whom Im nursing. I didn't realize that I had cut gluten/wheat out of her diet as well. She has had chronic diarreahia since I can remember(prob since crackers have been introduced). The past week she has had firmer stools and I had a realization that maybe gluten/wheat is a problem. I gave her some ritz crackers yesterday to see how it would effect her. Low and behold she had diarreah again today. :/ celiac does run in both sides but neither my husband nor I have been diagnosed. None of my other kids have had food allergies before. Has any one else had similar experiences? Do I call the dr? How would they test her? Thanks!
  2. Brileighlevi, My son's sensory issues aren't completely awful, but they are wearing me down. What made me really realize that he was having issues is when he started preschool. He's having A TON of difficulty there. Thankfully the school is being great with him. I also had a baby 10 months ago and he doesn't understand how to be easy and gentle with his sister and he tends to hurt her unintentionally at times. There is times I cannot leave them alone in the same room. We have done the blood work but it came up negative for Celiac. Celiac disease runs in both of our families. Drs didn't even offer to scope him and personally I know that my husband wouldn't go for it. We are trying the gluten free and so far things seem to be slowly improving maybe????? Its only been a week and a half so its a little too early to tell. Good luck to you on your journey.
  3. He had a blockage, and it took a long time but we finally got it cleared up. I can manage his constipation FINALLY with Prune/apple juice and Miralax. Thanks!
  4. question, I know that this has been posted a while back but I am wanting some updated information if any is available... Does anyone else's kids have sensory processing disorder and have you noticed improvement with a gluten free diet? My son who is almost 4 is displaying sensory issues. He has been severly constipated and is CHRONICALLY constipated. His Celiac blood panel came back normal. We started a gluten free diet about a week ago. Its hard to say if his behaviors have improved or not since then. His constipation has NOT improved yet. I know it can take time but how long? We are planning on doing this for a month. Any feed back would be appreciated! We are going to see a Developmental Specialist on Wednesday. Sorry if my thoughts are scattered I AM HORRIBLY sleep deprived due to children not sleeping. LOL
  5. Forgot to mention his ezcema has flaired up again and he goes through periods of these behaviors daily. He has good moments and bad ones all day long. You can tell something is bothering him but "nothing" is wrong per dr today.
  6. My son has been severely constipated for about 6 months now. Nothing seems to be helping. We have done miralax, lactalose, senna, and a few others. Anyways had celiac panel done (it was sent to CA) and came back normal. His esnophills came back elevated though. My son has had some MAJOR behavioral changes and I'm afraid to leave him alone with my 7 month old. Preschool is frustrated as am I. He is now head banging, screaming, and hitting all for some reason. He's constantly complained his tummy and lower back hurts since this constipation problems has started. Btw, we finally got hiim cleaned out. Celiac runs in our family but neither my husband and I have it. Does this sound like gluten sensitivity or some other stomach issue? GI dr doesn't seem concerned because his blood panel was "normal". I'm at my whits end and don't know where to go from here.any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My son's regular lab work all came back normal except for his esoniohils were elevated. Dr felt that it was due to his allergies. I did some reading and it can be a flag for celiac as well. Celiac test was done as well but won't get the results for quite some time yet. Was wondering if anyone else has had this happen as well. Did your celiac test come back positive or negative? Celiac does run strongly in our families. Thanks!
  8. when I first went gluten free I bought a book that is a shoppers guide for the store. It lists food that is safe, it tells you what brands and such. That maybe helpful as well. I got it from the gluten free mall.
  9. Could I Have Gluten Intolerance?

    Sounds to me like you already know the answer. lol. I am in sort of the same situation(well, not the pregnant part). I am gluten intolerant and feel so much better when not on it. I FORGET this and go back to gluten and feel horrible. Go back on the gluten free diet and feel amazing again. I can understand your frustrations, its not easy having a clear cut diagnosis. I felt like it was all in my head for a while. I have found lots of good coupons for gluten free foods, and such to make it cheaper. I also make ALMOST everything from scratch to help cut the costs. Plus its healthier. Hang in there. There are LOTS of supportive people on here to help you.
  10. Muffins Burning

    I bake all the time! ESPECIALLY MUFFINS! My muffings used to burn on the bottom but, if you have a dark pan you need to reduce the temp by 25 degrees. I have found the best muffin tin is actually the Pampered Chef stone muffin. I use it all the time and they turn out GREAT. I usually bake from scratch. there are a lot of good recipies out there. My favorate is the blueberry muffins from Deliciously gluten-free by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Hope that helps.
  11. Oh yum! I got all the ingredients and made this today. You were right! I used sweet white rice instead of brown rice.
  12. Can u also grind up those tapioca pellet things too for flour?
  13. What is Almond Meal? Where can you find it?
  14. Fell Off, Now To Get Back On!

    Thanks everyone! Its been about 4 days now, I'm feeling LOTS better. My attitude has improved, and my head is much better. Along with a ton of other things. I'm also down 2.2 pounds! Whahoo! Stupid GLUTEN. I hate how it draws me in. I need to not cave anymore!
  15. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance earlier this year and had been doing really well. Until the past month. I fell off the wagon. I've been eatting gluten and feeling miserable. I hate feeling this way and I hate what it does to my children and friends. Today is my first day back on and it's a struggle. I need to get my life back and relationships. Sorry having a HUGE pity party today. I hate withdrawal. The hard part with the gluten free diet for me is I LOVE gluten, and am a vegitarian who is a picky eatter. Sigh.......