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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Reviving this post once again... I seem to get diaherria when I eat more than 700mg of Na a day (a lot compared to other posts, but less than a third of the FDA's recommended intake.)
  2. I currently do search and rescue with the Civil Air Patrol. I've got one problem; what to eat. Obviously, I need my food to be gluten free. I also need low sodium (it takes all of about 500mg a day to give me diaheria.) Then I need to be able to cook it quickly (an MRE would be ideal, but there are no gluten-free MREs.) Finally, I need to be able to store it in my pack for several years (if I get a call at 3AM, I am highly likely to leave anything not in my pack behind. No running to the kitchen to grab food out of the freezer) Anyone have any ideas on what I can eat? Thanks.
  3. So, yesterday I ate some cookies labeled "gluten free" that contained oats (I forgot that manufacturers can use oats in gluten-free products) and promptly started experiencing an immune response. For some reason, when I eat gluten, I get constipated in addition to all the other "normal" symptoms. Today, I have been preforming a colon cleanse to flush all the gluten out of my gut. While I was in the bathroom, my mom came home and started complaining that I ate "just a little gluten" and that I was taking too long. What really POs me is the fact that she herself has Celiac. She got lucky. Her symptoms appear much milder than either my own or my former boss (who owns a gluten free restaurant.) How can I drive it into her head that gluten, especially when you can not clear it from your system without a laxative, is both extremely painful and causes (potentially permanent) damage to my body.
  4. I personally work at a DD in Baltimore. I've been there for three weeks, and I am seeing problems with my system. I don't eat anything there (for obvious reasons,) but I do drink a small sweet tea during my shift. I don't use a lid with it either. Is it possible that I am inhaling small amounts of flour that are sufficient to trigger an immune response? If so, does anyone know if there is any way I can avoid it with out having to find a new job?
  5. Fuddruckers

    I don't mean to degrade Fuddruckers integrity but they guessed once for me and guessed wrong, so at least you didn't think it was safe to eat there. I wound up eatting their fries and had a reaction 2 hours latter. So my guess is the are not gluten free.