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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have lived in Raleigh NC in the spring of 2006 and I believe if I am not mistaken there was like three "twisters" that touched down within like 50 miles of each other right around Raleigh. I drove that night had a time trying to keep my car on the road, whipping from one side of the road to the other. We was unluckily on the road when this one hit as well, the wind with this storm was something else. One of the power poles near my home, was broke into three or four places with at least 50 years of line in the road, three trees laying with it. We hare still getting some pretty wicked storms form time to time since this original storm on the 29th, causing more damage. There was not that many houses that had damage to them, it was mainly what was outside, trees, power poles, lawn furniture, cars, and such. I don't know if I could live where this happens often.
  2. Who all was hit by the storm on June 29th? I didn't have power for 4 days some people are still without power or water. I was very lucky to continue to still have water, only be without for a few short days, and just got cable internet and phone back yesterday! this is a mess!
  3. I LOVE SAM'S CLUB!!!! My husband and I buy all kinds of stuff there.. from Raw meats and veggie to paper products and and snack foods! I don't go a month without going in there and its just the two of us.
  4. Reese's Cups Minis

    I was sensitive to them the first little while I am now not as sensitive to the "trace amounts" Clearly I wouldn't buy something that says that it may contain, or has trace amounts of gluten but with even my clean dishes at home, that I cleaned and soaked after finding out that I am GI. I dont have any issues anything made in my now gluten free kitchen. The only thing in my house is canned soups that are heated in the microwave, and a loaf of bread for my hubby to make a sandwich.
  5. Gluten Free Cooking School.

    I havent spent the money on it yet the emails are free, the books are online but cost around 20 bucks. She also has several recipes online.
  6. Gluten Free Cooking School.

  7. So there is this website that I have signed up for and started getting emails from to help me learn to cook gluten free. I have been reading them, not yet tried them, is there anyone here that gets them, and does this lady know what she is talking about? My mother is a baker and I would love to sit down with her and make gluten free bread, since she has been gluten free for ten years and still never tried making gluten-free bread. Some of the recipes dont seem so bad. "She" also is selling her cook books and other things that right now I have no interest in but I think that maybe my mother might be.
  8. New J.o.b

    Great news again. I got the call from Cabala's and I start June 29th! Yay! Now its time to get things organised working two jobs wont be easy but atleast I will be away from the old job!
  9. Husband Thinks I'm Going On A Fad Diet!

    Ok so I just got back from the doctors office. I dont have a family doctor right now still waiting on that one but on the other hand, I have a wonderful Neurologist that is helping me keep my Gluten Ataxia under control. I told him today about going Gluten free and at first he was like I dont think it could be then I ran down me symptoms other than my Neuro, and He was like there is a distinct possibility that you have issues with gluten and as long as you are feeling better then I will do nothing, just monitor you and if something comes across that shows that you need medication then that when we will discuss that. Until then keep up the good work and stay calm, no stress. (Stress is my trigger for seizures)
  10. New J.o.b

    So I officially put my two weeks notice in Saturday. I did my paperwork for Blockbuster today. I got the day off and I have been so productive today. I feel so much better. I love love love my new manager. She is wonderful. 6 months prego and is glowing! I cant wait to get started in my new job where I will be Marketing/ Assistant manager!
  11. More Restaurants Refusing To Accommodate

    I went to BW3 The other day with a large group of people, I asked the waiter for a gluten-free menu. He redirected me to the manager on duty which sat with me for about 10 minutes going over the whole menu with me, talking about CC and ingredients. I ended up settling on a bun-less char-grilled fillet smothered in a save sauce with a side salad. Even My husband was impressed and we have decided that we will have to come back just because of his hospitality. When he even offered to clean a fryer and replace the oil so that I can have wings. I was extremely impressed.
  12. New J.o.b

    Im not going to stay completely with blockbuster, because they are only offering me around 32-40 hours as a manager. Cabela's is offering supposed to be offering me a job in their Front team, The people that go around fixing displays and setting them up. Could be full time but you never know so I would rather have another job that is willing to work with me with the schedule so that I can have both jobs, if I need both.
  13. New J.o.b

    Im thinking that it would be nice to work both Blockbuster and cabela's I just want out and will do what ever I have to get out..
  14. New J.o.b

    GREAT NEWS!!!! I got a second interview with Blockbuster Video, on Monday. I am so excited!
  15. It's Unfair

    Tourette's can be a awful thing, I'm glad to hear its not a bad form of it. I know a guy that has a constant humming, he cant help it and most of the time he doesn't know he is doing it. He has tourette's, doesn't take the meds for it, I think they gave him ativan(spelling?) or something to help calm him down but it just makes it worse, and he is a heavy drinker and they don't mix well. Did I mention the constant humming gets worse when he drinks too? He has a young daughter who has health issues but tourette's is not one of them. Her main health issue is her sinuses, She needs to have them removed or something he always I mean always has a runny nose, Sinus infection, pink eye, or anything else you can think of that would be in the eye and nose area. Her mother has a Stomach issues, Mood stabilizers, and a few other things. I don't think you have much to worry about with the tourette's. I know its possible it can be in the genes but I don't think its a dominant thing.