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  1. Sorry to hear you're having so much frustration--celiac is so elusive--I get it.. Some celiac patients are also lactose intolerant, which is the case with my brother. Ask your doctor if they think you might be lactose intolerant also. If you have access to a celiac specialist, such as at a University hospital, Mayo, etc., I would strongly encourage a visit since this is their field of expertise. You must get to the bottom of your abdominal discomfort since it could be another issue not related to gluten. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and I was doing well for many years, but itching to high heaven lately--back to the drawing board. Also, beware of any medications you may be taking as many meds have a starch filler that is wheat -based. You can call the pharma company off of your bottle label or have the pharmacist call for you. Same for over-the-counter meds. Another tip that may be helpful is to use stainless, glass, or ceramic cookware as some surfaces such as non-stick can have gluten particles sticking to them. Best wishes!!