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  1. You ppl are all absolutely hilarious & absolutely correct! Preach on.... :-D
  2. Deb try to remember that your more important then the food you SHOULDN'T be eating! Respect & love yourself & the ones that love you enough to make kind decisions in the matter of food. STOP hurting yourself! And have a nice day ;-)
  3. Although I REALLY liked most of what you said I do question your conviction that wax on fruit is ABSOLUTELY gluten-free... Espicially based on a 7 year old investigation (did I get that right) Anyway NOTHING would make me happier (well almost nothing) then if you are correct on this as it is a hudge concern to me & my family. Please tell me why your certain? Also the research that I did showed that this "wax" has animal byproducts (sorry vegans) & something from a bug...soooo not just wax. Yuck!