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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Waxed Produce

    Thank you kindly for the replies. The FDA link sure does suggest that waxes may contain gluten. Thanks for that link. Wondering if peeling the produce, then rinsing well, might work for a super sensitive. Gemini, how did you conclude that waxes are gluten free? Were you able to get information from your store or the produce company itself? I tried that route, but didn't get anywhere. I admit it was a rather feeble attempt on my part. My prime suspects for hidden gluten, besides the waxed produce, are flours that should be naturally gluten-free but may be cross contaminated, processed food that says gluten free but isn't 100%, nuts and herbs/spices that say pckged in a facility that also processes wheat, etc. And I haven't checked the gluten-free status of our laundry and dish soap or our shampoo or bath soap. And I quit worrying about vinegar awhile back, but maybe I shouldn't have. It is my dtr age 13 who seems to be super sensitive. She has been gluten-free (we thought) for over ten years, never cheats purposely. Recent increasing symptoms, neurological, not GI, are making me suspect hidden gluten. I also read recently about corn causing a reaction like gluten but not because of cc. We have been using corn in various forms, so have quit that but will probably have to study it awhile to get rid of it 100%. I have considered going to only meat, fruits, veggies and maybe whole grain rice. But if there might be gluten added to the produce, or gluten reaction caused by grain fed beef or chicken, the hope of finding an answer starts to seem pretty slim. We gotta eat something. What would you consider the ultimate gluten-free diet? Thanks again for your replies. Any further thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. We are looking for sources of gluten exposure in our(supposedly) gluten-free household. Have you been able to determine whether waxed apples, cucumbers, etc are gluten-free? We were buying only organic apples and cucumbers thinking they were not waxed. But lately they look like they might be waxed, too.