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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. its really frustrating when you, as the parent, knows that something is wrong and the dr's just wont listen to you, or dont agree with you. they are not there with your baby every day like you are and they can run all the tests they want to and sometimes still not have an answer. its been month after month for almost 2 years with me and Ayla like this and i finally just stepped back and decided to take action myself. it was not the drs idea to do gluten free- it was mine, and i cleared it with her pediatrician after i thought about it. thankfully her ped is amazing and is willing to help me do what i think is best. when Ayla pooped today without any grunting or straining i was so shocked. i was happy, excited, i cant describe it. she hasnt done that in sooo long, i almost cried. who woulda thought that i would ever get excited about poop lol im very dedicated to this, have bought some gluten free foods already (not a ton tho, we live in the midwest and unfortunately not a lot of places carry a good selection of gluten free products) and am working on finding some more resources. is yogurt gluten free? wasnt sure on this one and i saw some that were in the gluten free section but the packaging did not specifically say gluten free so i was unsure and didnt buy any. Ayla loves yogurt so if thats safe she will be a happy camper! she wasnt too pleased this morning when i gave her her gluten free hot cerel and no yogurt lol i substituted a glutino cerel bar (she already loves those!) but i got the feeling she wasnt too happy with me lol Kids and their 'tudes gotta love em! i never thought my 19 month old would give me attitude.... but she does. its all over her face sometimes, makes me laugh so much!
  2. Prickly- her father is actually allergic to milk/dairy (not just intolerant but allergic) and i believe that is where her intolerance for milk comes from. we have had her on soy milk since she was about 13 months old. when she was on cows milk she would only go poop like once a week it was very very bad. i knew it was more though because even on soy milk she has a very hard time going poop. (it feels so strange telling ya'll about Ayla's poop lol)i have never tried a probiotic- but i may now. thank you for the tip, im definitely going to look into that and see if it helps alex- thank you im glad to know that there is definitely hope for her growth, thats awesome! im glad your daughter is doing well, hope that she keeps on growing i am going to look up culterelle and see if i can find it in the stores around here
  3. Thank you guys!! It has been very very hard on both me and her. I have been insisting to her drs that something is wrong for what seem like forever. i felt like no one was listening to me, and got told "oh just use more miralax" more than i care to count. a co-worker told me about her son going through the exact same thing as Ayla and his diagnosis of celiacs disease. when i found out what celiac disease was i knew i was onto something. no diagnosis has been made, but im very very hopeful that this gluten free diet will help. we have only being doing it for 3 days now, but ive been reading up on what celiac is and learning a lot. thankfully she loves her fruits and veggies, so no change there, but the bread and pasta- thats gunna be a huge change for her. i went and got gluten free pasta and bread at the store (holy moly how expensive! and totally worth it too!) and she doesnt seem to notice the difference. in fact, i would even go so far as to say she likes the gluten free cheese crackers i got her better than her old crackers my biggest hope is that this works, i can do this forever and never have to see my beautiful daughter cry out in pain from attempting to go to the bathroom again. it breaks my heart to see my normally very happy bubbly beautiful little princess turn red in the face, get a huge, rock hard stomach, and cry uncontrollably. ive cried with her so many times, and i feel like this board, this diet, this lifestyle will really turn things around for us. any idea how long it will really take to see a change?? i read somewhere it could take 3-5 days, but that seems so quick i wasnt sure. she pooped today, no problem, no straining, didnt even notice she had gone to the bathroom until i smelled it. Thats a huge huge accomplishment, but i dont necessary think that is a total fix. because she is so young, is there any chance of improvement in her height/weight? shes a tiny shrimp of a kiddo and i am worried she will never grow to a normal healthy size! her ped said she would be kind of skinny naturally because i have never been that big and her father is also very skinny, but we are both at least in the normal range for height/weight.
  4. Hello! I am Nicole, and my daughter Ayla is 19 months old. she sees a ped. GI dr and he did the celiac test but it came back negative. she has many symptoms of Celiac and so i discussed a gluten free diet with her reg ped. and decided to try it. i have NO IDEA what im getting into, all i know is that my daughter is suffering and it is killing me. her symptoms are- shortness (1% for height), weight loss (from 70% to 25%), easily bruises, constipation, lactose intolerance and a few others that i cant think of right now. she has been suffering like this since birth (with the constipation) and it has been a long struggle for both of us. i am dedicated to doing the gluten free diet but im really struggling with knowing what exactly i can/cannot give her. i need some good snack ideas as well as some tasty healthy dinners that she will enjoy. she eats lots of fruits and veggies with no problem, but what other things are safe for her??? help! thanks