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  1. Thanks for the advice. The doctor went off what it looked liked. They did biopsy it but I don't know if they ran a celiac test or not. He didn't say anything about it in the visit to go over what they found in the biopsy. Just that what I have is an allergic reaction to something I'm eating. No blood work was done. The endoscopy was ordered for my gallbladder problems. I'm starting to think the two are connected. The food journal sounds like a great idea, I'll do that and get a Celiac blood panel done. Thanks again so much for your help and advice.
  2. About a month ago I went in for an endoscopy. My throat was all swollen and red and my doctor told me my duodenum looks exactly like someone's with celiac. They did multiple biopsies of my throat and duodenum. Went in for the results and the doctor told me I'm allergic to some kind of food and to take prilosec twice a day and come back in June for another endoscopy. I've had symptoms for 6 years and I was told I had IBS. So I made an appointment to see an allgerisit in May even though the doctor told me to wait until the second endoscopy. I had a bad reaction to some food on Monday and I decided to go gluten free. Is this going to mess up my second endoscopy? Should I stay on a normal diet and wait or stick with the gluten free? Any suggestions would be helpful.