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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Beer!

    I tried one for the first time on Sunday. Was really nice - much betetr than expected. I was so happy. But I had (and am still getting over) a reaction to it so that's that I don't understand - I can tolerate (as far as I know) barley malt extract in my breakfast cereal but I can't tolerate 'gluten free' (<20ppm) beer
  2. Some people on here have mentioned getting tested for coeliac disease but please remember that if you test negative for coeliac disease: - it could be a false negative - you could still have non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (so if the diet is working for you, STAY on it!) I sometimes feel randomly suicidal for a day or two too. I did last week. I don't think I was glutened, though - I think it's part of the withdrawal. I hope you're feeling better now. It's horrible when even your family doesn't understand. You're not being paranoid, though, and you know what's best for yourself x
  3. Marmite!

    I thought Marmite was gluten free in the UK but I might be wrong. I must buy a copy of the food directory.
  4. My Prediction

    That's horrendous Thankfully my family's been very supportive over it. I eat at my parents' house every Friday and my mum says she doesn't mind if I want to double check any of the ingredients. I was really relieved because I was so nervous about telling her. I thought she'd think I was making it up. I think she's relieved for me though - she partly knew how ill I'd become (although I don't think she realises quite how bad I'd got). I was also very touched by the service I received at a pub recently - I go to a folk evening there every Thursday evening and at a certain time the landlord puts a large platter of free food like sandwiches and chips for everyone taking part. I've been going there for a couple of years now and last Thursday I plucked up the courage to ask whether I could have just a small lump of cheese because I was hungry and couldn't eat anything. He assured me that the chips were gluten free, but I was nervous and they'd been put next to the sandwiches. He said not to worry and brought me a big bowl of salad with two types of cheese! I could have cried - I was so touched :-)
  5. It's Unfair

    I was diagnosed with mild Tourette's syndrome a few years ago (a year or two after self-diagnosing it). When I went gluten free I had half a hope my tics might get better, then I heard there's no connection. Ah well, I live in hope!
  6. For me, the constant aching was the second worst thing (exhaustion being the worst) and I began to fear I'd developed fibromyalgia, but all information about it said it could be identified by certain points on the body being particularly tender; I didn't have these points. So I wasn't dignosed with it but the pain became so bad that it did cross my mind more than once that it might be fibro.
  7. Marmite!

    Spread THICKLY Haven't tried it since going gluten free but I've heard it's fine.
  8. My Prediction

    There's no way I'm going to eat gluten just for someone to tell me I'm ill, so I'm not going to get an official diagnosis either. Hope no one will ever require it of me for any reason - like a medical note for something. I'm beginning to wonder whether I should tell people I have coeliac disease instead, but I'm afraid people will think 'DISEASE? Ewwwww keep away!'
  9. Thanks for the replies. My blood test was done within a week of going gluten free. If I'd had high levels of antibodies, they wouldn't have decreased to a normal level within that time. I was hoping a biopsy could have been scheduled pretty quickly - if my villi were damaged, they would only just have started to heal, but I give up - anything I do now would just delay things even more. I simply CANNOT deliberately eat any more gluten. I was barely functioning properly as it was - I was beginning to think I couldn't work full time any more and it was all I could do just to cook some pasta and stir in some sauce after work on some days (a food that obviously wasn't helping at all, but I didn't know it!). Sometimes I could only bear to pour myself some cereal for dinner. This would be after a nap. Then I'd go to sleep again. I hate the idea that you should only be helped if it cases damage to your villi. What about damage through sleep deprivation? Through whatever causes my body to feel *constantly* like I have the flu? I'm glad it's not just me that can't bear to eat gluten just for testing. Please don't take that the wrong way - I don't want anyone to suffer this at all, but I'm glad that I can speak to people who are going through the same as me, if you know what I mean. Thanks again for your replies x
  10. Thanks. I'm feeling a bit better today but it's up and down.
  11. My blood test results came back negative. The doctors refuses to put me through for a biopsy unless I eat gluten for six weeks beforehand. I told her I couldn't possibly do that. She won't even put me through for it just in case something is picked up. Now it's all left up in the air and I don't know what to do. Coeliac UK members aren't very welcoming - every time I post a question on their Facebook page, various members say things like 'THIS is why you should get a diagnosis - so you can get advice. You know it's ONLY six weeks.' Oh yeah? And how am I supposed to function in my daily life during those six weeks (and afterwards)? They say I'm not taking it seriously - it's a serious disease. They think I don't know that? The severity of my symptoms is WHY I'm not eating any more gluten.
  12. I'm feeling deeply sad at the moment. I don't know whether it's all part of the withdrawal or what but I feel like everything is completely empty and pointless and I don't know what to do about it. It started yesterday and when I got to work today I burst into tears at some tiny thing. Just feel so flat and low. I just feel like...what's the point in ANYTHING any more?
  13. Angry At Everything All The Time

    I believe this was checked last year; the results were normal.
  14. Sad :(

    I'm feeling deeply sad at the moment too. I don't know whether it's all part of the withdrawal or what but I feel like everything is completely empty and pointless and I don't know what to do about it.