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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I agree. I'm going to try out the diet and see what happens.
  2. Ok. Had my Endoscopy this morning. My Mother came with me and the first thing he said her asked was, were you the one who has Celiac? She answered no, but was told to stay away from gluten many years ago. He sat down and told me that everything looked good with the exception of some redness around the stomach (Gastritis). Also told me that he took several good samples and the results will be back in five days. If the results come back normal, he'll schedule a colposcopy. But then mentioned me trying the gluten free diet. Recent lab work for IBD Panel, C Reactive Protein, etc. have yet to come in. Any thoughts?
  3. Will do. Thanks for all the great advice.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll come back soon with an update.
  5. Thanks, I also felt like he blew off the original findings as well. When I look at the results from Quest it only shows IGA & Endomy IGA. I think I received a scaled down version of my results to take with me to the GI. I'm going to call the GI's office in the morning to request the full panel before I go over to LabCorp. I couldn't tell if the GI was just going to disregard the results and just base everything off of the endoscopy instead. If he does push back, I'll follow-up with my regular doc for the additional tests. Does the IGA 563 mean anything at this point?
  6. Thank you for the response and the additional information., i will definetly check out the link. Do you think my doctor was wrong to say I tested positive based on the results I provided?
  7. I'm a 41 yo blk female whose been dealing with various symptoms as far back as when I was a teenager. My symptoms over the years have included the following..... -Intensive stomach cramps to the point of breaking out in a cold sweat. Pain so intense that I've often felt like I was going to past out. Relieved after bowel movement(diarrhea) -Stomach bloating after I eat, where I look like could be several months pregnant. -Upset stomach/nausea. -Stomach makes gurgling noises. -Gas -Migranes Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux and given Aciphex which gave me temporary relief. Within a few months, the upset stomach returned and I was switched to Prilosec. Still with no relief, I was referred to Gastro. Preceded with the Endoscopy and it was determined that I had a Hiatal Hernia. I was told to limit caffeine and greasy foods and up my Prilosec to twice a day. I did receive some relief for a while and dealt with the occasional issues every now and then. Over the years, I've never had all the symptoms at one given time, but now they seem to be overlapping. A few weeks ago, I had eaten a bagel and within ten minutes I was in horrible pain. I alternated between sitting on toilet and laying on the floor until relief came with a BM. As I layed their and replayed all theses issues I've dealt with, I came to the realization that this is not normal. I looked up IBS and Celiac as possibilities. I noticed that Celiac is rare in African Americans so I assumed that it wasn't an option to consider. I went to see my doctor thinking it might possibly be IBS and she sent me to the lab for blood tests to include Celiac. At this point, I'm loosing weight and it seems like everything I'm eating is upsetting my stomach. Went back for my results and she tells me I tested positive for Celiac. H Pylori Ab Negative IGA 563 (81-463) Endomy IGA Negative Go to the Gasto Doctor and he looks at lab work and he's questioning how she was able to determine that based on those numbers. So now, I have a Endoscopy scheduled for next week and more lab work. He ordered the following tests..... Sed. Rate, Westgren C-Reactive Protein, Quant. 164830 IBD 7 Panel. Now I'm sitting here confused because I feel like I'm getting mixed results. I thought I had at least had a bit of a resolution, but he seems to throwing up other possibilities such as gluten intolerance, IBD or ulcerative colitis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.